"As a photographer, I’ve spent most of my career looking deeply into the spaces we inhabit. The idea of Home – what it meant and how it felt, preoccupied my thinking. Almost all my pictures were of the spaces we live in or the things we live with. But at the age of 31, a diagnosis of breast cancer forced me to redefine my ideas of home."

Got A Girl Crush On: Kerry Mansfield

San Francisco-based photographer Kerry Mansfield was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, and photographed this series of self-portraits during her treatment. (via PDNblog)

This series is sobering as it is brave and empowering.

Kerry’s photos after the jump (NSFW)

Self-Portrait, Pre-Mastectomy, November 2005. All photos © Kerry Mansfield

Self-Portrait, Post-Mastectomy, December 2005

Self-Portrait, 1st Cycle Chemo, January 2006

Self-Portrait, 3rd Cycle Chemo, February 2006

Self-Portrait, 4th Cycle Chemo, March 2006

Self-Portrait, Post-Reconstruction, December 2006

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