CALLmeKAT - “Glass Wall”
SXSW, Austin, TX
March 19th, 2010

Got a girl crush on: CALLmeKAT


From my full Yours Truly post:

“It seemed crazy to think that CALLmeKAT would agree to perform in a dingy Austin government parking lot. I know it’s SXSW and people are down to get a little weird, but it’s just not her style, and let’s be honest, she’s too pretty. Dim fluorescent lighting wouldn’t do any justice for her fair skinned Dutch beauty.

Wait, She LOVES the idea?! Really? Well let’s do this thing! It’s just across the street from the venue. She and Daniel can bring their portable keyboards and do a stripped down version of one of their songs. How about the song that was just featured in artist Lindsey Adelman’s upcoming piece? Perfect.

Despite some barely audible noise from cars passing by, and a security guard who was nice enough not to ask us what the hell we were doing, Kat gracefully gave us “Glass Wall.” Afterwards we remained silent, not wanting to hear another sound other than her, thanking our lucky stars for the important lesson learned that day: it never hurts to ask.”

Don’t you think CALLmeKAT’s tunes would make a swell soundtrack for the next Miranda July film?