Every month our resident bruja, Sonia, selects a tarot deck out of her collection and picks 12 cards that correlate to each sign of the zodiac. June’s #crushascope was conjured up using The Morgan-Greer Tarot.

Something to note: If you do not know already then know that Mercury in retrograde until May 21. This normally sends many people into a panic because lines get crossed and communication breakdowns tend to occur. This normally is not a good time to sign contracts or start new endeavors. However, it is a great time to go inward and finish projects. Use this time to your advantage to complete something you have placed on the back-burner.


“Sana sana culito de rana sino sana hoy sanara mañana.” That translates to: “Heal heal butt of frog if doesn’t heal today it will heal tomorrow.” I know it’s a weird saying but it was every Latin mom and grandmother tells you when you have gotten a booboo. It is the first thing I thought of immediately when I drew this card for you and on your birthday month too. Things have not worked out and you might be letting your emotions have their way with after a few stressful things. The worst is over Gemini. The new moon on June 4 promises bigger, better, and more positive opportunities. Just make sure you address and make peace with anything that has upset you and kept you being the best set twins that can be.


Escape route!! You will have one get out of jail free card from a stressful situation. Pick your battles wisely and do not let anyone take you on a guilt trip Cancer. This month will also introduce you to new friends and opportunities that will distract you from unwelcome emotional situations. Take care of your body and mind Cancer. June is going to provide much happiness and excitement but consider resting and listening to your body when it feels like it is going into overdrive.              


This is a month of pure love and abundance. June will prove to provide you with stability, happiness, and all the things you have been working so hard for. You will also make some extra cash but save it for a rainy day! This is a great month to expand your horizons or to start thinking about the next phase of your master plan. You are your own toughest critic but you will see that you will be impressed with yourself and the progress you have made with reaching your goals. You may reach out to a friend in need with your own success story too. You are one of the most giving and loving signs in the zodiac so of course it is to no surprise you will be there for someone when they least expect it.


What an amazing opportunity to prove the haters wrong. You are faced with much competition which may be stealing your thunder. Do not discount yourself. You definitely still have what it takes to be #1 Virgo. You wrote the book on perfection. Just think of this month as a new chapter in that book titled “Heard ya’ll were talking shit.” You are a methodical and careful sign. Do not let your emotions or insecurities stop you this month. Yes, you may need to step aside and breathe more than usual but it is all an illusion and things will be back on track before the month is over.


Retribution. It’s been tough the last few months and lessons were taught but this month is filled with transformation, peace, and happiness. Things are full circle for you and you can now handle so much more than you thought you ever could. You have learned from your past and are ready to use those experiences into a new venture. Do not be afraid to explore a new skill, hobby, project. You are being backed up and it is a great time to plant seeds for future intentions. Take advantage of that New Moon on June 4th.        


Your gut instincts and intellect will be one in the same this month. The more you add up the facts and make sense of things the more you will be able to attain your goals. Take advantage of your decision making power as you will be making really good choices in regard to money and career. Don’t be hesitant to cross that logic over into matters of the heart if necessary. You will be able to step outside of yourself and assess every situation with grace and intellect.     


This will be a blissful and happy month for you Sagittarius. You are excited about all the new coming into your life. Your relationships will reach new heights and you will be the life of the party. Things may get more serious if you are already paired off. Perhaps a proposal or vow renewal will be in the works with all this new romance coming onto the scene.   


You will have to be on your best behaviour this month.  You will need to really exercise your patience as you may find yourself a little bit more irritable than usual. A huge focus on breath work will present itself to you in regards to grounding your energy. You will be able to get your way by showing diplomacy and compassion. It will be trying but you can do it! This will also be a good month to wrap up large projects that have been taking up your time.


You have endured so much this year already Aquarius but your card comes out for your sign this month. How auspicious. You will pick up where you left off better than ever. You will find a new sense of peace and renewal. You may have lost something important but be prepared for the new moon on the 4th to provide with you many opportunities to build relationships. You will be shy to do so at first but take a chance as things are working in your favor.


Your emotions are gonna be all over the map this month. Meditation or any kind of breathwork will help you figure out what is real or what is just drama you can put out of the way. Do not be fooled as many things will distract you from finishing projects or doing the normal day to day that keeps going strong. It is a good time to keep a dream journal if you do not have one already. Keep track of the messages in your sleep as those will be more helpful to you than asking for advice.


You feel unstoppable this month. You are bringing new ideas to those around you with great interest. Remember to listen to those who have taken the time to listen to you. This is a new opportunity to study the people around you and collaborate bid with them. Show them what you are made of but remember you need to return the favor and collaborate.  


All eyes are on you this month. It is your time to shine Taurus. Your hard work and dedication have paid off and you will be sought out for your skills.  You have been holding out for a decision to be made and it will be made in your favor. Fighting for your causes will not go to waste Taurus.  Stay strong and know that after this first trying week in June things will ease up and you will be winning.

This month’s artwork is by artist Jasmin Meier (aka harelyandj). You can follow her instagram here. Her tumblr here, and her facebook page here.

About Sonia Ana Ortiz:
Sonia Ortiz is American made with Cuban parts. She has been reading tarot for over 20 years. She is a licensed Reiki Practitioner, Bruja, and Graphic Designer. She is the mother of the 2 best tuxedo cats on Earth. You can follow her across all social media at @soniaaortiz.