Every month our resident bruja, Sonia, picks a tarot deck out of her collection and picks 12 cards from that correlate to each sign of the zodiac. This is #crushascope for October 2016.  

“To get into the Halloween Season I decided to use the one and only Halloween Tarot. Suits are named differently here so please take note that pentacles are pumpkins, cups are ghosts, swords are bats, and wands are imps.  

I would also like to dedicate my post to my #tuxedotwinkie cat, Dita. Today marks the one month anniversary since I had to say goodbye to her. She used to always sit at my side while I read tarot and when I would write this column. She will be missed but her little spirit lives on.

Without a further ado, here are the #crushascopes for October 2016.”


Happy Birthday Libras! Your focus this month will be based on self-care and looking inward.It is okay if you are not feeling too social and want to focus on having some time to yourself. You will want to spend most of October reflecting on your achievements and planning for the next big steps. Many of you will level up and become mentors to others looking to get into a specific field you excel at. You are always innovating, pushing forward, and ahead of the game. Take this time to pata yourself on the back for the achievements you have accomplished thus far.


Make your voice heard this month. You have a lot to say and need to find that audience who will hear your ideas. Perhaps it is time to take on a creative hobby like drawing, singing, or dancing to help you execute those ideas. Vision boarding will also help get your ideas across. With October starting off with a nice waxing moon, take advantage to communicate what it is you want to manifest properly. Your mojo will also be on fire this month as you will appear more attractive than usual to everyone.  


Don’t be afraid to let go of people or situations that don’t suit you this month. You are feeling extra sensitive too.  It is a good month to break bad habits. Don’t feel guilty if you feel like you have to walk away from someone either. You endure but toxic relationships are an absolute no for your happy-go-lucky nature. This also goes for bad work environments too. Let this month give you the courage to speak your mind and walk away from bad situations. You owe it to yourself.


You don’t have to stress yourself out this month by living up to impossible standards by anyone. Don’t fall into a trap of constantly explaining yourself to others. It would be a good time for you goats to find way to break or bend the rules. You have strong ideas and you shouldn’t let anyone get in the way of them. If you find that you are being too hard on yourself and trying to live up to superhuman standard give yourself a break. Remember you are a SUPERSTAR no matter what.    


You are gonna be blessed this month. You will have a wonderful sense of accomplishment and independence. You will find that you will have a better and stronger sense of self. You will be crossing many things of your list. This is also a great time for you financially. There is a strong chance you have some extra money coming. Invest or perhaps book a nice vacation. All in all this month is all about you getting shit done and enjoying the benefits of it. You have earned it Aquarius!  


Listen to your guy this month. You have a stronger and heightened sense of things this month. You’re definitely more psychic than usual. Don’t fight it. If you are extra moody this month it has to do with your surroundings. You are susceptible to the vibes are you. Don’t make any rash moves. Just remember exhale profoundly and politely excuse yourself if things aren’t feeling right. Chances are you will be proven right about your feelings before the month is over. That will give you much relief.


Your dance card is overflowing this month. You may need to buy more time this month Aries. Try to not overcommit to everything. You may feel exhausted before Halloween is in even over. Make a schedule and make your boundaries clear. You can only offer so much of your time. Yes you are super but remember you are only human! Make sure you are extra organized and have a daily agenda to get you through such a busy time.


Strong feelings of nostalgia will hit you hard this month. Perhaps you need to talk to an old forgotten friend. Maybe make peace with an ex? But I get a strong sense of you wanting to come back to an idea or perhaps to an old job. Either way you will very sentimental about your past and will analyze those feelings in full. It feels as though the Mercury retrograde stayed with you a little longer than expected. It is not a bad thing, once you know what you need to re-visit you will be ready for a big aha moment or release.


A cycle ends and new one begins. You are shedding an old skin to reveal a new shiny version of yourself. It’s been a wild ride but now it is time for changes. You will be deeply rooted in your spirituality. A past life regression or an old-fashion seance may be just up your alley to get into the mood for Halloween as well as get you in touch with your esoteric side. You may not know it but the rest of this year is a preliminary of greatness to come for your sign.


Wake up to new solutions this month. A big breakthrough is coming your way Cancer. Many times I have asked your sign to take a break from your issues but this month I invite you to face them head on and with a new game plan. Get analytical. Study all the facts. Yes karma may be knocking at your door but that doesn’t mean you have to be at the mercy of it. This is an opportunity for you to be a warrior, look at your adversary head on and surprise them with a compassionate move. You are ready for a new phase in your life but it is okay to leave some of the old baggage behind.


Step into uncharted territory this October. Take that risk you have been thinking about and don’t be afraid of failure. The only way you will learn and excel at anything is if you practice with consistency. Remember you cannot have a beautiful life without making beautiful mistakes. You are supposed to learn from your errors so just let them happen. Be kind to yourself and remember you are always learning. This month is a stepping stone for you to make those dreams come true.


You’re in a generous mood this month. You will have a strong focus on taking care of your loved ones more than usual. Words have power but no doubt Virgos will have a serious boost this month. Your love and encouragement are going to plant themselves into the people who need it most and it will reflect back on you. Lend a hand, give advice, and have fun. This October will bring out an almost Empress card vibe out in you. Don’t be surprised if you feel like you will start thinking about adopting a new fur friend into your life or start thinking about children.

October’s #crushascope was conjured up using The Halloween Tarot.

“This month’s artwork is animated gif of the Halloween Tarot by me (cues shameless plug to my graphic design portfolio)! If you are interested in donating a piece in the future please let me know and I would love to feature your work on here.”

About Sonia Ana Ortiz:
Sonia is American made with Cuban parts. She has been reading tarot for over 20 years. She is a licensed Reiki Practitioner, Bruja, and Graphic Designer. She is the mother of the #guapacat and #badgirlfrifri. You can follow her across all social media at @soniaaortiz.