Diane Renay - “Watch Out, Sally!”

Got a girl crush on: Diane Renay

From Stylus Magazine:

“Renay was actually a Navy base queen in the mid-60s, properly arousing the claustrophobic libidos of sailors stateside and wide, but “Watch Out, Sally!” was something totally different, a mock Shangri-Las slice of pissed-offedness that at times actually outshines its influence. Over a Bo Diddley beat, Renay mouths off about going to meet her forbidden boyfriend; the tough girl thing is a little forced, but the neat whispers-and-claps chorus is great, especially when it opens up onto a legitimately raw fuzz guitar solo. Sort of arresting given the sheer squeakiness of Renay’s reputation. ”

Found off the excellent Girl Groups Mixtape we posted yesterday. And would you just look at that darling outfit above?