Free Kisses - “Wind”

Got a girl crush on: Free Kisses

Free Kisses is a girl named Karen from Toronto. Let her saccharine vocals and tender melodies ease you through the workday blues. Neu Magazine really hit the nail on the head with this description of  her:

“On first listen she’s that girl at school who everyone makes fun of a bit [because she’s shy, likes books and that’s how these things go] who one day she enters the singing contest and IS AWESOME. Next thing you know she’s in NYC playing shows for "hipster kids” and people in the UK are saying how “gorgeous” her music is just because it’s autumn and they get to wear mittens again. Somewhere along the line the school hottie wants to go out with her and those “plastics” flick their hair, pout and flounce off to the library. All the dudes rejoice because they didn’t even like “those sort of girls” anyway, they were just pretending because that’s how they thought things rolled.

On second listen that’s doing her a disservice. Free Kisses isn’t a saccharine tween hit. Her music is more like Grouper and the poised sound of Inca Ore. They’re Unrest, not The Moldy Peaches. Detached vocals are lifted above icy plucking and her fed-back sounds melt into one another.“

(via Delicious Scopitone)