Got a Girl Crush: Lowell - “The Bells”

Ever since I heard this song last weekend, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. This description from her bio page on Arts & Crafts sums up pretty perfectly why she’s the shit:

“By writing openly about topics like sexual abuse, rape, abortion, and women’s rights, Lowell’s album is a platform for much-needed discourse in our patriarchal society - and to further articulate the necessity of conversation, she uses herself and her experiences as examples. In addition to feminism, she also boldly addresses the lack of LGBTQ rights in our society, as well the ignorance about (and simultaneous obsession with) homosexuality. However, there’s no grandstanding - far from it. Lowell’s brand of pop may convey the urgency of her subject matter, but her melodies keep songs accessible and fun. Turns out you can still dance while confronting social norms; you can still have fun while defending equality. And Lowell’s stream of musical optimism makes it possible.”

You can find this song on her debute EP, I Killed Sara V.

Meg WachterComment