Got A Girl Crush On: Callie Curry aka Swoon at TEDxBrooklyn

GREAT video of Callie Curry aka Swoon speaking at TED talks in Brooklyn. She shares about her work and wanting to change the world and her environment and how she did exactly that:

“I wanted to become part of something larger than myself, I wanted to embrace the world and become a part of the world…looking back on it I think that my response to that desire was quite literal, I basically started making drawings and sort of gluing them to the world, to walls and things…”

It’s so inspiring to hear her speak in her own words about how she made/makes things happen. Curry is a tremendous example of an artist that did, and continues to do it her way. She has most certainly set her path ablaze and I am continually more and more excited to see where she winds up.

(via myloveforyou)

Had the pleasure of meeting Callie after a Q&A at the Brooklyn Museum a few years ago about women in the graffiti scene (and even exchanged a few emails after my asking if I could use one of her drawings for a tattoo that never has not yet happened).

I have always been a fan of her wheatpastings, but Swimming Cities is the stuff of dreams. And her work with art in communities is the stuff of reality. Callie, you are awesome!