Got a girl crush on: Ethel Smith playing “Tico Tico”

Speaking of “Tico Tico”…Bringing it full circle, people. Bringing it full circle.

via beingsnoyman:

I have been processing Ethel Smith’s collection at work for the past few weeks; going through old photographs, clippings, and souvenir programs, mostly. She seems like a real spicy lady and I have been meaning to listen to “Tico Tico,” the song which is most often associated with her name, since I first started going through her things.

How happy was I to find actual video of her playing the song! It was kind of like finding long lost video of a relative I had never met - really rewarding, in other words. What’s more is that we have a posed picture of these girl scout-type women standing around Ethel and her organ. Nice to see them come alive.