Got a Girl Crush On: GAGC Issue #1 alumna, Jenny Slate in Obvious Child.

Obvious Child is a without apologies and unlikely romantic comedy written and directed by a woman, and about a woman seeking to get an abortion. This movie, while at times may be slightly forced, is important. Before some of you may write this off as liberal pro-choice propaganda, I urge you to see it. It’s crass, it’s emotional, it’s funny.

“We made the feature in response to a bunch of romantic comedies that were about unplanned pregnancy and ended in childbirth,” she explains. “I liked Knocked Up a lot, and I liked Juno and Waitress. But they are the reason why we made this movie as a reaction.”

The choice to terminate a pregnancy is rarely shown anywhere in our culture, she continues: “Especially in movies, they never let the woman make the other choice — or even say the word ‘abortion.’” (–Director Gillian Robespierre)

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