Got A Girl Crush On: Juana Molina


Juana Molina - Un Día

Yesterday, I had one of those moments at my favorite Philly coffee shop, Ultimo, when a song came on that made my ears perk up and made me stop dead in my tracks. What IS this?! MUST. KNOW. NOW. So of course I went and asked the baristas what they were playing. Blowing my mind!

Turns out this Argentinian has been making records since the mid-90’s. This is the lead track from her latest effort, Un Día, out in October 2008 on Domino (criminally unavailable on vinyl - fix, plz!). She’s made four or five records to date, I can’t wait to start digging into her archive. This woman is a genius.

Day dream: curate a show with Juana Molina, Bachelorette and Björk. Putting those three women in the same room will likely melt a hole to the center of the earth.

Pick up this record here.  Trust me, you need this.