Got a Girl Crush On: Linda Ronstadt

If you told the 13 year old me that in the year 2012 I’d be writing a blog post about how much I love Linda Ronstadt (I’d first ask you what a blog was, then once you explained that to me), I’d probably laugh in your face. I blame it all on my mom’s love for this song. Since the nineties, poor Linda has kind of become the patron saint of my mom’s terrible musical taste.


That is… until I discovered that, surprise, Linda was once young, cool, and a smoking hot babe. Bare foot, country singing, go-go dancer on the Johnny Cash Show? Linda did it. Getting downright weird with the likes of Frank Zappa and Philip Glass, no big deal. Icing on the cake… Linda was known to kick it with my girls, Dolly and EmmyLou, in a super-mega-girl-crush-worthy trio!

Sorry it took me so long to come around, Linda. (Sorry Mom. You’re right, as always).