Got a Girl Crush On: Natalie Capannelli’s “Beard Deception!”


It’s no news that click-bait journalism is the dregs of the internet “press”–finding out why doctors hates for herinciting backlash against men’s hairstyles (who really cares?), and that women wear make-up to deceive men (while upholding a beauty double standard of men simultaneously wanting a woman who is “natural”).

One such puff-piece alerted Issue 4 cover artist, Natalie Capannelli to fellow illustrator Megan Dong’s illustrations on Instagram (@sketchshark) entitled Make-up Deceiving Men, and directly inspired her to make the cheeky series Beard Deception! which we think is hysterical and on point.

Make-up washes off, but beards could last FOREVER!

Check out more of Natalie’s work: