Got a girl crush on: Rackk and Ruin

While getting ready this morning, I was rackking (badum-ching!) my brain about what to post today on GAGC when I realized it was staring at me right in the face! Been a fan of Etsy jewelry shop Rackk and Ruin for quite some time now, and she consistently puts out new and exciting items like this awesome bullet quartz necklace above—my shining beacon of inspiration for today. I was first drawn in by her rad salvage feather and leather necklaces (which you can find in her shop), and her inventory just keeps getting better and better. On top of running great Etsy shop, she also keeps a blog of the same name with daily posts on a hodge podge of inspiring photos collected all over the internet. You go now!

Rackk and Ruin Jewelry on Etsy
Rackk and Ruin Blog