Got a Girl Crush On: Skateboarding in Kabul

A skateboarding park in Afghanistan might seem a little out of place, but in a country where nearly 70 percent of the population is under the age of 25, Oliver Percovich  – the founder of the NGO Skateistan – decided there was an unique opportunity to work for peace. In Skateistan: The Story of Skateboarding in Afghanistan, Oliver explains, “The whole idea was that we’re building something for the kids, in Afghanistan, and it doesn’t matter if they’re poor, or rich, or coming from different ethnicities.” As soon as he loaned out a few boards, he says, “I saw the gleam in their eyes and knew they were hooked.” Since 2007, Skateistan has grown into an organization that employs youth from the street, teaches kids a new sport, and provides a please for boys and girls to play together.