Got a Girl Crush On: The women behind Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn,and their new bi-annual publication, TAC!

Textile Arts Center is made up of a dedicated team of entrepreneurs, artists, designers, and textile enthusiasts. It is a community space dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of textiles through creative educational programs for children and adults–and they’ve only been around since 2009!

In the spirit of promoting and supporting independent press, we invite you to check out their latest and more far-reaching effort: TAC Magazine!

TAC is a biannual publication that gives voice to the modern textile movement, and fits naturally into the mission of Textile Arts Center. Rooted in an educational and community-centric approach, TAC will deliver curated content that informs and inspires. Through 96 pages of ahead-of-the-curve tutorials, designer and artist studio visits, current textile news, fashion editorial spreads, and travel guides, TAC will bind a community hungry for knowledge and inspiration, and provide a missing link in connecting the international textile community, while attracting new enthusiasts.

Video filmed by Isabelle Selby, music composed and performed by David Linaburg.