Got a girl crush on: Where the Wild Things Are by Mary Meyer

Seems like we’ve all been waiting for-eh-ver for Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are to come out, and the release date (10-16-09) is finally nearing! To help celebrate this highly anticipated picture, Urban Outfitters teamed up with Brooklyn designer Mary Meyer to create a mini collection of Where the Wild Things Are inspired prints. With her signature folky hand-drawn looking prints, I’d say it’s a perfect match to the Wild Things aesthetic. Pop-culture influenced clothing tend to have quick expiration dates, but these pieces won’t lose their relevance once the movie hype dies down. I’m especially diggin’ the colorblocked jumpsuit and baseball tee. I recently vowed not to buy anything from Urban Outfitters unless it’s a designer collaboration, so this definitely fits within my code…I might just make a quick stop during my lunch break today!

Urban Outfitters - Where the Wild Things Are