Holly Miranda “Waves” in my Room by Yours Truly

Got a girl crush on: Holly Miranda

If ever there were a best way to introduce someone to an artist, I think Yours Truly should be the sole handler of that (see their video with Thao Nguyen for further evidence). I wasn’t familiar with Holly Miranda’s music at all, but how can you not be convinced of her talent after watching this?

A note from Holly herself:

Dear Viewer,

It’s always a bit strange stepping into a stranger’s home and singing a song while cameras roll and friends watch from the other room (or the random fed-ex driver on the street). I am trying hard to to recall the feeling I had this particular morning in San Francisco when Will picked up Timmy and I outside of the Independent where we had played the night before, our first of two shows with The XX and The Friendly Fires…

From the moment we got in his little car and scooted off, up and down the hilly winding roads, I could tell he was excited. It made me excited. When we arrived at the house on a hidden little cove that you have turn the wrong way off a busy street to find, we were greeted by a big sweet dog named “Marley” (was it after the movie or the Bob I wondered?) who became my buddy for the day.

Will had arranged acoustic guitars for us to use for the shoot and I tried to make ankle bells out of a chain and forks, but that wasn’t really happening. After a pint of some delicious local brew (what was that?) we sat by the window and started playing.. and then that thing happened, we didn’t want to stop.

After a while we took a break and we all sat and had some delicious open-faced apple, brie and walnut sandwiches (ohhhhh mannn they were good!)

Before we left, Will gave me a disposable camera to take on the rest of the tour with me (thanks!). Below are a few of those photos.

Yours Truly,

(via Yours Truly)