How much does heaven allow a woman in love?


Not frequently but sometimes I feel like I know exactly how middle-class housewives felt at 4 PM in 1950. This feeling is influenced by a mixture of Douglas Sirk films, the Mr. & Mrs. Bridge novels, and speculation. Mostly speculation.

It peaks in the late afternoon when I spot some household object that needs cleaning, and there is a moment where I decide to hop to and get the rag OR close my eyes in defeat. This moment has the strange quality of being a decision over which I have no control. It really is.

The feeling is also that of awaiting a person’s arrival at 5:30 PM, after work. What kind of mood will he be in? Should I prepare something? It’s an odd meeting because one person has been waiting and the other has not; the expectations and heart rates of each are far apart. At these moments I feel like a middle-class housewife in 1950.

Got a girl crush on: Molly Young

Seems like everyone these days is getting keen on the style, eloquence and intelligence of Miss Molly Young. A contributor to totally rad sites like We Love You So (the official blog of Spike Jonze’s Where The Wild Things Are), This Recording, and the bi-annual journal n+1, Molly has a real effortless knack for putting all the thoughts and sentiments that go through the mind of a twenty-something girl into beautiful streams of words.

Follow her tumblr for your daily dose of, “Yes, THAT’S what I meant…”