In Character: Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Got A Girl Crush On: Dr Quinn

Watched this show religiously as a tween! Of A Kind nailed the prairie doctor steez cume modern as dreams of spring unfurl in my head…


I tried, with all my might, not to include “medicine woman” in the title of this post, but that proved impossible—almost as hard as it is to watch this nineties period drama and not get inspired by the way Jane Seymour worked a suede vest, a high-neck top, and a maxi skirt. (Well, they were just skirts in 1867 since no one was wearing anything mini.) —erica

A green felt Satya Twena hat that can make any ensemble look as killer as a rattlesnake bite.

A cream blouse from Bruce II—with feminine lace accents to catch Sully’s eye.

A skirt from Shakuhachi that hides both your ankles and the signs of the long, dusty trips beyond Colorado Springs.

A Billykirk doctor’s bag. Because, duh.

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