Incentive #48

Got A Girl Crush On: The Ladies of “An Evening With Paul Rudd”

3 Brooklyn ladies are vying—or pleading, rather—via the wonders of the internets for super cutie Paul Rudd to come hang out at a BBQ at their house. Follow their tumblr to see what spicy incentives they’ll proffer up next!

We’re rooting for you!


Between the three of us, we have 34 varying leg bruises. While I know this may not be an incentive per say, Paul Rudd, it is definitley a conversation starter. Apparently Aubrey bit Delaney’s thigh “over pizza,” although they both only have spotty recollection of said incident. Now that Jamie has started working at the Autistic school again for the 2010-2011 school year, bruise numbers are bound to multiply heavily.

Meg WachterComment