Kelis feat. Andre 3000 - “Millionaire”

Got a girl crush on: Kelis

OK, I just watched this video about seven times today so I think that warrants a re-blog by now.

Kelis is a mainstream musician that I can definitely get behind: talented, keeps her focus on the music and a relatively low profile, attitude oozing out of every pore, and (was) married to Nas which makes her rap royalty.

Until this morning, I probably haven’t heard this song in 5+ years, and once that killer verse came on a little bit past half way through (“Where there is cheese there are rats…”), the lyrics immediately came flowing out my brain and poured out of my mouth. This song brings back so many memories as a first year at UCSD; jamming this song with my suitemate Parada at 4am during one of our random laughing fits (we called it “Happy Hour”).

So, take a trip back to 2003, sit back, and relax. It’s labor day. You don’t got to do nothin’ but reminisce the good ol’ days.

(via planettampon)