Crushing On: The Number One Valentine's Gift for Women

Mary Dauterman and Sarah Lloyd (the makers of Tortilla Towels and The Yule Bra) got a group of ladyfriends together to direct some of this week’s Valentine’s attention towards discussion of theTampon TaxUPDATE: A Welcome End to New York’s ‘Tampon Tax’

It’s crazy that our periods are taxed and that tampons are considered a luxury good. We think everyone should be talking about it! Check out our short parody vid and if you agree, suggest everyone to gift tampons this V-day!

More about Mary & Sarah:

Sarah and I are creative partners in/outside of work, but we’re also friends–so a lot of our ideas just come from hanging out. Lately, we’ve been flipping back and forth between rage reading about the “pink tax” and “tampon tax” [more states tax tampons than candy???] and cracking up about a guy we overheard fretting about Valentine’s Day gifts. He sounded so resentful of the “burden” of fulfilling a woman’s expectation of picking the perfect gift. It just seemed real, real silly. And basically, all of these ideas–the luxury status of tampons, this commercial holiday that can really get under our skin, the obsession with the perfect gift–came together and became a video where we’re soaking tampons in red wine and throwing them at our friends faces. It was great.