really old bethany cosentino songs from before she was Best Coast and actually from before she was Bethany Cosentino

Got a girl crush on: Old School Best Coast



hey so my friend was friends with bethany cosentino on livejournal five years ago and she put these songs up on purevolume around that time i think, also long before she was Best Coast

i think this might be a pitchfork reviews reviews exclusive!?! unless somebody knows of another website that’s posted this link and then i’ll take this paragraph down. anyway i like these songs and you might too. enjoy!

MySpace, too. “Underground” is my favorite. There’s no distortion and she’s clearly influenced by early Rilo Kiley. The songs are bare and honest and very specific lyrically; they make me feel like I’m 16. I believe they recontextualize her music as Best Coast.

Also be sure to head over to the Bethany Sharayah Myspace for a bonus glimpse of what looks like her old online vintage shop Bethdayparty Vintage.