Got a Girl Crush On: Ariele of Brooklyn to West

Much like what attracts me to Tomboy Style, there is something inherently sexy and badass about a woman who knows how to wield a table saw and nail gun. That said, meet Ariele—the brains behind the blog (and restaurant and custom furniture shop) Brooklyn to West where she documented her cross-country roadtrip with her pal & business partner, Amelie, as they collected wood and antiques along the way to California from Brooklyn. There she spent five months to help build a restaurant with her dad from reclaimed and salvaged materials alike.

She is a master dumpster diver (as a fellow thrifty Brooklynite, it’s a skill I admire deeply) and resourceful as hell and the girl has a way with wood (I mean, check out those tables and her studio wall pictured above)!

Definitely one of my fave new blog discoveries as of late.

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