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Got a Girl Crush On: Björk explaining how TV works


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Got a Girl Crush On: Sadie Benning

Born in 1973 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sadie Benning is a lesbian videomaker who began making videos when she was 15-years old, using a Fisher Price Pixelvision toy camera. Benning’s early works were made in the privacy of her childhood bedroom, using scrawled and handwritten text from diary entries to record thoughts and images that reveal the longings and complexities of a developing identity. Evoking in turn playful seduction and painful honesty, Benning’s floating, close-up camera functions as a witness to her intimate revelations, and as an accomplice in defining her evocative experimental form. Her work emerges from a place half-innocent and half-adult—with all the honesty, humor, and desperation of a personality just coming into self-awareness, trapped and uneasy. Her more recent work moves beyond the Pixelvision camera and into animation, film and installation. [video databank]

In addition to her personal work, she has made work for Le Tigre and Julie Ruin.

Got a Girl Crush On: “Dirty Girls” a short doc about 13-year-old riot grrrls in LA in the 90s

Dirty Girls

Shot in 1996 and edited in 2000, this is a short documentary about a group of 13-year-old riot grrrls who were socially ostracized at school by their peers and upperclassmen. Everyone in the schoolyard held strong opinions about these so-called “dirty girls,” and meanwhile the “dirty girls” themselves aimed to get their message across by distributing their zine across campus.

Directed by Michael Lucid. Music: “Batmobile” by Liz Phair

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Got a Girl Crush On: Missy Elliott - The Rain 

There’s nothing more supa dupa than 90s music videos.

Got a Girl Crush On: Peej, Beej, and Tori
The 90s forever reblog

Got a Girl Crush On: Peej, Beej, and Tori

The 90s forever reblog

Got a Girl Crush: May J. Blige - “Real Love” (1992)

Have a good weekend!

Got a Girl Crush On: Kerri Kenney-Silver


How did I miss that Kerri Kenny-Silver was the lead singer of Cake Like???

Holy cow, how did this slip by?! I already loved this brilliantly quirky comedienne, but now have a newfound love for this woman! 

This video is a veritable gold-mine of 90s riot grrrl awesomeness peppered with fellow members of The State (who have all since graduated onto Reno 911, Party Down, Children’s Hospital, Stella, Wainy Days, aaaaaand pretty much anything funny and amazing). Doesn’t hurt that the song is pretty effing awesome, too.

Check out more from Cake Like here, here, and here!

Got a Girl Crush On: Marquees by Jenny Holzer, 1993

Got a Girl Crush On: New fave tumblr, Sassyscans

Too, too good!
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Got a Girl Crush On: Delia*s Catalogs circa late-90s

Delia*s was THE one-stop shopping for barbed-wire and hemp chokers, platform flip-flops, board shorts, fluorescent nail polish, and ringer baby tees. I LOVED getting my Delia*s catalog and cutting them for collages (or decoupaging my kaboodle). They got every Junior Highschool girl’s babysitting money.

(catalog scans via mmaquino’s flickr)