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Got a Girl Crush On: Misty Copeland

Copeland is one of the few black soloists with the American Ballet Theatre, and she’s got a new memoir out called Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina. Oh, and she’s danced with Prince. NBD.

Listen to her interview with NPR’s Rachel Martin here

Got a Girl Crush On: ‎The avant-guarde dance stylings of Celia Rowlson-Hall

Filmmaker, dancer and choreographer (Chromeo, Sleigh Bells, MGMT, Sondre Lerche, and Kid Sister to name a few)—this lady makes some seriously compelling videos and “Unto the Locusts” is no exception (Chapter 2 is particularly breathtaking)!

See also: “THE AUDITION”

Got a Girl Crush On: the tenacity that IS Anne Marsen

How can you not love our favorite hoofer from issue #1? We all know her from internet phenom, Girl Walk All Day, but why not share her w/the rest of the nation?

Help Anne dance her way onto The Ellen Show by tweeting @TheEllenShow with the hashtags #ellensdancedare! (p.s. Anne is @AnneMarsen). The whole Girl Walk team will be down in LA this weekend for their premiere at Space15Twenty on Saturday, 2/25!



Hey everyone! I’m in Hollywood and have 5 days until the Los Angeles Premiere of “Girl Walk // All Day”! … While I was on the 35-hour train ride from Seattle, I decided to turn this week into a fun mission (see headline).

Around hour-29-or-so of the trip, and after 6+ months of editors-block, I got a sudden burst of inspiration to make a video dedicated to Ellen with some friends I made while stretching in the game room.

And now I prepare for phase two… Starting today, I’m going to make a different dance video for each day of this week, each in a different spot of Los Angeles, all leading up to the Hollywood screening on February 25th! Hopefully (with your help!) they will catch Ellen’s attention and I will get to dance with her!


(via girlwalkallday: annemarsen)

Got a Girl Crush Magazine Outtakes: Anne Marsen

Anne is boundless in her talent and expression. And after seeing her in the seven-minute teaser to the epic (as in 71 minute) music video set to Girl Talk’s second mashup album, All Day—I wouldn’t expect anything less.

I met-up with team Girl Walk//All Day on the Williamsburg Bridge before they were shooting with a troupe of teenage b-boys and b-girls from New Jersey. Clad in harem pants straight from her recent trip to India and equipped with a razor scooter, photographing Anne was a breeze. Our interview was conducted over Skype so she could better articulate her thoughts out-loud rather than via email. She is well-spoken and speaks excitedly. She carries her laptop from room-to-room and treats me with impromptu dancing during our chat. At only 22-years-old you envy the opportunities that life has laid before her and he talents.

Check out the rest of Anne’s interview in the new issue of Got a Girl Crush Magazine!


Got A Girl Crush OnIndelible Dance Company


Dream choreography, sharp visuals, they’re on the forefront of understanding what the future of dance will look like. 


you should go see their performance on Friday.

this is awesome