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Got a Girl Crush On: The Julie Ruin’s video for “Just My Kind”

Summer summer summer crushes. Kathleen’s forever our kind.

(Filmed by Carmine Covelli, Kathleen Hanna, Adam Horovitz and Brendan Kennedy. Edited by Carmine Covelli)

Got a Girl Crush On: Julie Ruin’s new single “Oh Come On” from the upcoming debut album ‘Run Fast’

Calling all Kathleen Hanna fans: KH’s side-project (pre-Le Tigre and post-Bikini Kill), Julie Ruin is set for release it’s first LP since 19997 on September 3rd! SO STOKED!

Download the free MP3 at http://bit.ly/16WOL1H and check out Pitchfork’s review of the single here

Video by Brendan Kennedy

Got a Girl Crush On: Sisters Ousiders: The Oral History of the ‘Bikini Kill’ EP
All hail! 
(via grungebook: spin.com)

Got a Girl Crush On: a long long awaited upcoming Julie Ruin album!

What was once the post-Bikini Kill experiment that spawned Le Tigre—Kathleen Hanna, Kathi Wilcox, Sara Landeau, Carmine Covelli, & Kenny Mellmen are teaming up to record a NEW Julie Ruin album!


So, I’ve been sneaking around with a tiny camera picking up bits of our recording process for ‘Project: Unknown’ — maybe bonus footage to go with our CD/DVD/VINYL dEluxe Extravaganza package?? 

So, here’s a little bit of us editing songs at Kathleen’s home studio the other day. All the tracks are sounding really f—king great but there are still many details to sort out. Most of the song titles you see on the board are placeholder/temp titles and the track you hear is a very rough mix of a song we are developing called Going Right Home. It was the very last song we tracked at Oscope and it feels like the sort of song you could listen to while getting a lot of errands done.

There is talk of a 12” Single release sometime in the next few months though. We’ll keep you posted about that. More. Soon. 

— carmine (drum)

Got A Girl Crush On: Bikini Kill - Strawberry Julius

Got A Girl Crush On: anything (and everything) Kathleen Hanna


Kathleen Hanna - I Wish I Was Him (Noise Addict cover)

I fucking love this song. Kathleen Hanna covering a Noise Addict - takes on a whole different meaning when sung by a woman. 

Favorite lyrics:

It may sound stupid when I say it out loud
Like I’m just jealous of his silver cloud
He looks real good he drinks diet Coke
He gets his NME’s sent by air and not boat
I wish I was him

He’s got six different flannel shirts
Airwalks not thongs
He even understands the words to Pavement songs

I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to be mean
But he plays guitar much faster than me