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Got a Girl Crush On: GAGC Issue #1 alumna, Jenny Slate in Obvious Child.

Obvious Child is a without apologies and unlikely romantic comedy written and directed by a woman, and about a woman seeking to get an abortion. This movie, while at times may be slightly forced, is important. Before some of you may write this off as liberal pro-choice propaganda, I urge you to see it. It’s crass, it’s emotional, it’s funny.

"We made the feature in response to a bunch of romantic comedies that were about unplanned pregnancy and ended in childbirth,” she explains. “I liked Knocked Up a lot, and I liked Juno and Waitress. But they are the reason why we made this movie as a reaction.”

The choice to terminate a pregnancy is rarely shown anywhere in our culture, she continues: “Especially in movies, they never let the woman make the other choice — or even say the word ‘abortion.’” (—Director Gillian Robespierre)

For more, check out Fresh Air interview with director Gillian Robespierre & Jenny Slate with Terry Gross

Got a Girl Crush On: "Life’s Swell" the original article about female surfers by Susan Orlean that inspired 90s cult surfer movie Blue Crush

Near 90-degree temps here in NYC has got me with vacation on the brain. Cue re-watching Spice Girls-era girl-power flick, Blue Crush.

Although the 2002 film depicts Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez ripping through big surf and eventually a women’s heat in the Pipeline Competition—a place for women to compete did not exist at the time of the film’s release. This changed in March 2005 when the Banzai Pipeline finally opened competition to women.

Susan Orlean’s Outside Magazine feature on a group of young surfer girls in Maui is an insight what it’s like to live in Hawaii and live surfing 24/7.

It must be hard to imagine an ordinary future and something other than a lunar calendar to consider if you’ve grown up in a small town in Hawaii, surfing all day and night, spending half your time on sand, thinking in terms of point breaks and barrels and roundhouse cutbacks. Or maybe they don’t think about it at all. Maybe these girls are still young enough and in love enough with their lives that they have no special foreboding about their futures, no uneasy presentiment that the kind of life they are leading now might eventually have to end.”

Orlean is no one-trick pony in the prose turned movie world, though. She also wrote "The Orchid Thief," which ultimately inspired Charlie Kaufman’s Adaptation.

Got a Girl Crush On: Ariana Page Russell’s exploration in turning a hyper sensitive skin condition into art

Sometimes called “skin writing, Dermatographic urticaria is a skin condition in which the flesh becomes raised and inflamed when stroked, scratched, rubbed, or slapped. Brooklyn-based artist Ariana now uses her own body as a canvas by carving intricate patterns, words, and stories onto it and photographing the process. She has even gone on to creating temporary tattoos and wallpaper out of her photos. Some people might be squeamish about it, but I think it’s beautifully fascinating. 

Explore more of her work at arianapagerussell.com

Got a Girl Crush On: Erin M. Riley and her “Woven Selfies”

We’ve blogged about Erin before, but this is the first installment of GAGC Originals — content created solely for this website.

Erin’s been getting a lot of attention recently—interviewed by Alter Street and on the radio alike, about what it means to be a woman that creates weavings of photos of other women in states of undress. Is it perpetuating a patriarchal subjection of women? Is it commentary on social media and a younger generation seeking outside validation seeing as “selfie” was Oxford Dictionary’s word-of-the-year in 2013? Or is it just really embracing women as sexual beings and how they express that in a digital age? Could be a bit of all of the former, could just be visually interesting—regardless we think they’re freaking amazing!

She culls Google and Facebook for subjects for her wall-sized tapestries. The viewer is confronted with nudity, used tampons, remnants of sex, drugs, and women posing in front of a mirror with their iPhones. A modern discussion of the permanency of what happens once you upload a photo the the internet is tangibly captured in an ages-old art form. 

Check out more of Erin’s work at www.erinmriley.com!

Got a Girl Crush On: MessQueen NYC

MessQueen is more than just a candy store of unisex spandex wear by pint-sized designer, Courtney Gamble—it’s also a force to be reckoned with as depicted in this fictionally fun video of some of NY’s favorite lady cyclists.

Check out www.messqueen.com!

(Video DP’d by Sara Kinney • photos by Meg Wachter)

Got a Girl Crush On: Marisa Redondo’s beautiful nature-inspired watercolors

Realllllly digging the color palate and intricate linework in these serene little nature portraits. Check out Marisa’s shop here!

Got a Girl Crush On: American Apparel’s newest model, Jacky: age 62

There was something so compelling about Jacky’s look and energy when we first spotted her in a New York restaurant this winter, we introduced ourselves and pulled up a chair. During a long discussion that touched on everything from career choices and nutrition to insights on relationships, age and beauty, we asked if she would consider being photographed by us. We were thrilled when she agreed. 

I’ve dyed my hair enough in my young life to want to own this look once I go gray. File this under “STUDYING THIS”

(via misswallflower)

Got a Girl Crush On: Sally England’s Ultra Modern Macramé

This is your middle school hemp necklace making hobby on steroids and your mom’s 70s craze with a streamlined twist. Holy cow dying over all of Sally’s work! Follow her on Instagram for more swoon worthy textile goodness too.

Got a Girl Crush On: The Art of Lola Dupre
Exploded Frida Kahlo #2 by Lola Dupre.

Got a Girl Crush On: The Art of Lola Dupre

Exploded Frida Kahlo #2 by Lola Dupre.

Got a Girl Crush On: The women’s cycling team of Afghanistan

Despite the cultural taboo of females on bicycles, there is an Afghan Women’s National Cycling Team in Kabul. These women who challenge their country’s gender expectations by riding are the subjects of an upcoming film called Afghan Cycles (Let Media). Earlier this year, co-directors Sarah Menzies and Whitney Connor Clapper travelled with Mountain2Mountain Executive Director Shannon Galpin to Afghanistan with a stash of cameras and more than 350 pounds of bike gear. The goal was to document these amazing, courageous women, but also to provide support for what is hopefully a growing movement. 

This is so inspiring.

(via: GOOD)

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