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Got a Girl Crush On: Sadie Benning

Born in 1973 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Sadie Benning is a lesbian videomaker who began making videos when she was 15-years old, using a Fisher Price Pixelvision toy camera. Benning’s early works were made in the privacy of her childhood bedroom, using scrawled and handwritten text from diary entries to record thoughts and images that reveal the longings and complexities of a developing identity. Evoking in turn playful seduction and painful honesty, Benning’s floating, close-up camera functions as a witness to her intimate revelations, and as an accomplice in defining her evocative experimental form. Her work emerges from a place half-innocent and half-adult—with all the honesty, humor, and desperation of a personality just coming into self-awareness, trapped and uneasy. Her more recent work moves beyond the Pixelvision camera and into animation, film and installation. [video databank]

In addition to her personal work, she has made work for Le Tigre and Julie Ruin.

Got a Girl Crush On: The Photography of Jackie Lee Young

I had the pleasure of showing my work this past weekend in New Orleans along side the talented Jackie Lee Young as a part of the Elemental Collaborations project (curated by the equally talented Aubrey Edwards). The series Jackie created for this project is too gorgeous not to share:

I wanted to move forward with creating a mythological being as my subject. I chose a friend who is making a slow change from female to male, and I wanted to keep all skin/gender in the dark, therefore asking him to create a costume. What we made was what we called the Black Water Suit. A muscle suit of sorts that doesn’t reflect of deflect a gender. I wanted to also use water that was unusual, not common in nature, black water! Mythological waterWater that can only be made with spray paint and reflection.”

Check out more of her beautiful images over on her site and stay tuned for more quarterly pairings at Elemental.

Got a Girl Crush On: Veronica Lipgloss - “Strip Mall Glass”

Queer punx in the aughts.

King of Cups Queen of Cups Women In Fine Art  (Ink, Protective Enamel, Digital Color, 26x60) 2007

Got a Girl Crush On: Illustrator Cristy Road

Cristy is an NYC-based artist, writer, published graphic novelist, teacher at the Willie Mae Rock Camp For Girls, and activist in the LGBT community. She is currently working on an illustrated tarot deck that is nothing short of stellar! 

Check her out at www.croadcore.org