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Got A Girl Crush On: The Original Riot Grrrl, Shirley Temple

Was Shirley Temple the original riot grrrl? I loved this outfit, which Shirley wore in The Little Princess. When I was in Grad School, I pretty much tried to dress like this. Get the look at ModCloth with these cute picks: 

1. Rock Shop Dress 2. Follow the Cedar Boot, 3. Season Change is Good Scarf

— Guest Editor from BUST, Editor-in-Chief Debbie Stoller

Got a Girl Crush On: Sisters Ousiders: The Oral History of the ‘Bikini Kill’ EP
All hail! 
(via grungebook: spin.com)

Got a Girl Crush On: Kerri Kenney-Silver


How did I miss that Kerri Kenny-Silver was the lead singer of Cake Like???

Holy cow, how did this slip by?! I already loved this brilliantly quirky comedienne, but now have a newfound love for this woman! 

This video is a veritable gold-mine of 90s riot grrrl awesomeness peppered with fellow members of The State (who have all since graduated onto Reno 911, Party Down, Children’s Hospital, Stella, Wainy Days, aaaaaand pretty much anything funny and amazing). Doesn’t hurt that the song is pretty effing awesome, too.

Check out more from Cake Like here, here, and here!

Got a girl crush on: Bratmobile - “Cool Schmool”

Found this gem off the Joytown Mix by Anh Do.

Bikini Kill - “Rebel Girl”

Got a girl crush on: Bikini Kill

It’s a riot grrrl/Kill Rock Stars kind of day today. Couldn’t find any good live footage or official videos from Bikini Kill, but the Chinese girl dancers (if you can excuse the political undertones) is an oddly good complement to “Rebel Girl”.