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Got a Girl Crush On: Edie Brickell & New Bohemians performing “What I Am”

Gotta love nonsensical music video in a prop house! Happy Friday, y’all!

Got a Girl Crush On: Tamara from Sydney’s Heavy Metal Viking Pole Dance


Got a Girl Crush On: New music video for St. Vincent’s “Digital Witness”

All hail queen Annie! If you haven’t yet checked out her new album, get thee hence!


This is a total VHS girl crush collab between Caitlin Denny (director) and myself (concept & music). The song is about reclaiming a moment you lost. Whether someone took that moment in time from you, or that time has so muddled the memory that you have to reinvent it. We were heavily inspired by Daisies/ 70s & 80s feminist video & performance art (Pipilotti Rist!) and wanted to incorporate surreal Liquid Sky-ish effects. Overall, a mystery for the ladies! 

Got a Girl Crush On: Monica Martin of the band PHOX (from Baraboo, WI)

Collectively self-described as a "gaggle of goofy wizards performing minor illusions"—it seems like PHOX knows how to have a good time while producing wonderful tunes and creative videos. Monica helms this ship of 6 dudes flawlessly. Check out a live recording of their music here!

(thanks for introducing us to Monica’s buttery voice, Yossy!)

Got a Girl Crush On: Animation duo, Flaminguettes

Flaminguettes is a girl-girl animation duo from Mexico City.
After a career as designers, animators and directors in recognized animation studios, Daniela Villanueva and Mara Soler decided to team up to explore a more personal, playful and feminine side of animation.

Their work is super hypnotic as it is magical! Check out Daniela and Mara’s work over at www.flaminguettes.com!

Got a Girl Crush On: GAGC Issue #2 alumn Allison Schulnik’s breath-taking new stop-motion video “EAGER”

Her work is always mesmerizing—worth the slow build to watch the whole damned thing.

(via jennwitte)

Got a Girl Crush On: Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle

How this woman is only 23 years young and already knocking out career performances (Winters Bone, Silver Linings Playbook, and now American Hustle) is beyond me. Go see this movie!

Thank god for Jennifer Lawrence. 

Got a Girl Crush On: The women’s cycling team of Afghanistan

Despite the cultural taboo of females on bicycles, there is an Afghan Women’s National Cycling Team in Kabul. These women who challenge their country’s gender expectations by riding are the subjects of an upcoming film called Afghan Cycles (Let Media). Earlier this year, co-directors Sarah Menzies and Whitney Connor Clapper travelled with Mountain2Mountain Executive Director Shannon Galpin to Afghanistan with a stash of cameras and more than 350 pounds of bike gear. The goal was to document these amazing, courageous women, but also to provide support for what is hopefully a growing movement. 

This is so inspiring.

(via: GOOD)

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Got a Girl Crush On: Rollerskating mama, Michelle Steilen, hitting iconic skateboard spots in LA

Can’t. Stop. Re-watching! Michelle KILLS it!

Michelle Steilen, also known in the roller derby world as Estro Jen is the owner of Moxi Roller Skates and Moxi Shop. She is a star in the Long Beach roller derby scene and she does a lot to push and promote anything and everything roller skating related.