Got a Girl Crush is a blog and annual print magazine about women, by women, for everyone.

We feature the badass accomplishments of women in hopes to inspire others to do the same.

We aim to disrupt the broken narrative of most women's publications and tell stories of all ages, races, and backgrounds of women all over the world. We believe that print is not dead and that there is value to having a tangible medium to read, digest, and share--rather than sharing a link online that is easily forgotten tomorrow.

It all started in 2009 as a blog by internet pals from opposite sides of the US (Meg Wachter in Brooklyn and Andrea Cheng in San Francisco) to celebrate the inspiring women out there today that manifest and empower us to go out and accomplish cool things. In 2011 we brought this project to its physical form and got started on Got a Girl Crush Magazine. Partly because it was the perfect excuse to meet our lady crushes in real-life, but mainly to celebrate the inspiring women out there today who are doing cool ass shit. In 2015 Andrea left to take on a position at Facebook and Amanda Stosz stepped in as our Creative Director. We are now LA & Brooklyn-based, with help from all over the globe!

In addition to the blog and magazine, we aim to bring connectivity beyond the page and screen by hosting events and pop-ups to bring our audience together and build community. 

Boss Ladies


Meg Wachter

is a photographer, retoucher, avid cyclist, community organizer, ice cream enthusiast, and Editor-in-Chief of Got a Girl Crush. She recently moved to Los Angeles with her two dogs, a 14-year-old turtle, and her husband. She perpetually has Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” stuck in her head.


Amanda Stosz

is a person living in Brooklyn. She is a photographer and retoucher, bike rider, hike taker, adventure haver, cat fancier, buddy to all dogs, nature, animal and science nerd, fan of rad ladies, and Creative Director of GAGC.
INSTA: @amandastosz