It’s the little things we come across day after day that manifest and empower us to go out and accomplish cool things. So, in 2009, we started the Got a Girl Crush blog from opposite sides of the country (Meg in Brooklyn and Andrea in San Francisco) to document the never-ending accomplishments of women in hopes to inspire others to do the same.

In 2011, we brought this project to its physical form and started Got a Girl Crush Magazine. Partly because it was the perfect excuse to meet our girl crushes in real-life, and mainly to celebrate the inspiring ladies out there today who are doing cool ass shit. Since then, we’ve launched two issues which you can read online: Issue #1 & Issue #2, and successfully raised money to print Issue #3 on sale September 8th, 2014.

There’s never a shortage of women we can turn to for inspiration, and Got a Girl Crush is a place for us to harness that feeling.


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Meg is a woman that wears many hats. She’s a photographer, a skilled retoucher, founder of Brooklyn Skillshare and a an avid cyclist. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her boyfriend, pug, and turtle.
Instagram: @mtotheegg | Twitter: @mtotheegg | Tumblr: totes it’s a blog

Andrea’s bio coming soon!
Instagram: @earthtoandrea | Twitter: @earthtoandrea | Tumblr: Andrea Inspired

Brooke is an art-loving Museum Technologist with a penchant for old-timey badass babes and embracing the idiosyncrasies of Elaine Benes. She loves to bike about her beloved borough but has no shame in bumming rides out to a beach or up to a mountain.
Instagram: @thebrookelynway | Twitter: @thebrookelynway | Tumblr: The Brookelyn Way

Liz is a public radio journalist at 90.5 WESA (wesa.fm) in Pittsburgh, though she spent her formative years with Meg in Ohio. Liz likes biking and gardening and being outside, drinking cheap whiskey, and making music with friends. Her main girl crushes include Virginia Woolf, Etta James, and Leslie Knope.
Instagram: @lizbizwitch | Twitter: @WESALiz


In an effort to bridge the wide gap between NYC and SF, we’d like to encourage our followers to look on their own communities to find crush-worthy women to bring attention to. Send your crush our way!


Press on Got a Girl Crush Magazine: Issue One | Issue Two

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