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"A Caged Bird Sings" 
A short documentary by Amanda Leigh Smith

We are honored to premiere the short documentary by Amanda Leigh Smith about Palestine's youngest female journalist, 11-year-old Janna Ayyad and her family.



ISSUE 06 is here!

After successfully funding our Kickstarter, copies of our latest issue are NOW ON SALE!

Issue 06 features: Radical mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau • Chelsea VonChaz, founder of #HappyPeriod which provides menstrual hygiene kits to the homeless who would otherwise go without • Con las Amigas y en la Casa - a support network of queer feminists advising women on how to obtain & take the abortion pill in Chile (where it is illegal), Queer WOC artist, activist, & musician, Cristy Road • first woman to hike the 2,050-mile Appalachian Trail, Emma "Grandma" Gatewood • Navajo/Jewish indigenous peoples activist, artist, & educator, Emma Robbins • photographer and installation artist known for work exploring issues of cultural identity as a self-identified mixed-race woman, Genevieve Gaignard • award-winning owner of edible and topical medical marijuana lines, Maya Elisabeth • visual artist who focuses on themes related to the environment and feminism, Portia Munson • founder of Black Girl Magik, an online and offline platform catered to women of color, Shydeia Caldwell

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 Polychrome Mag Editor, Micah Pegues

Polychrome Mag Editor, Micah Pegues

Polychrome Mag – showcasing creatives of color: an interview with Micah Pegues

By: Rachel Lee
Photo by: Echo Chen

In today’s America, the increasing spread of fake news and socially acceptable discrimination are making independent publishing and spaces for people of color even more necessary than before. Polychrome Mag, a new magazine designed to showcase creatives of color and their work, is working to create a platform for creatives and change POC representation in the media. Polychrome is currently running a majorly successful Kickstarter campaign, which was funded in less than 48 hours, and is gearing up to release their first print issue. I sat down with Polychrome editor-in-chief Micah Pegues, an NYU film student and Dallas native, to talk about how the magazine started, her dream interviewees, and more.

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