ISSUE 06: Coming Soon!

After successfully funding our Kickstarter, copies of our latest issue will be for sale online and in your favorite brick-and-mortar shops coming September 2017!

Issue 06 features: Radical mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau • Chelsea VonChaz, founder of #HappyPeriod which provides menstrual hygiene kits to the homeless who would otherwise go without • Con las Amigas y en la Casa - a support network of queer feminists advising women on how to obtain & take the abortion pill in Chile (where it is illegal), Queer WOC artist, activist, & musician, Cristy Road • first woman to hike the 2,050-mile Appalachian Trail, Emma "Grandma" Gatewood • Navajo/Jewish indigenous peoples activist, artist, & educator, Emma Robbins • photographer and installation artist known for work exploring issues of cultural identity as a self-identified mixed-race woman, Genevieve Gaignard • award-winning owner of edible and topical medical marijuana lines, Maya Elisabeth • visual artist who focuses on themes related to the environment and feminism, Portia Munson • founder of Black Girl Magik, an online and offline platform catered to women of color, Shydeia Caldwell


The Tallest Woman I Know: Interview with Aly Stosz

By Amanda Stosz

Physically, I am the average female, at the national average height of 5’4”, but on one side of my family I’m the anomaly. When we go anywhere as a group, I stand out like a sore pinky, standing in at more than a foot below the rest of my family who all are well over 6 feet tall, mostly nearing 7 feet. But out in the world on their own, to say that their height is a rarity might be an understatement.

My younger sister, Aly, is within the 99.9 percentile for height in the world, only 0.1% of people in the world are in her height group at 6’9”. Using the tagline “Humongous Life” online, she embraces her stature and the sometimes amusing absurdity that comes with living in a world built for people who are a fraction of her size. As a giantess with a bubbly, inquisitive personality her presence is powerful and magnetic. Coming across a modern embodiment of an Amazon (legendary and mythical female warriors from the times of ancient Greece and Rome) can be shocking and exciting to strangers on the street or those first meeting her, but to me she’s just my little sister. I’ve known her since the day she was born and at least from the time she was in elementary school, at five years my junior, she’s been taller than me. I remember seeing her in kindergarten waiting in line with her classmates, from a distance you would have thought she was a teacher amongst the other students. We would joke together that she’s my “big little sister”. Few believe at first that we’re related when meeting us, because of the difference...

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