Issue 5


Chicana punk icon Alice Bag • planetary scientist Carolyn Porco • joke punk band Childbirth • the women behind Feminist Library on Wheels • human rights activist Grace Lee Boggs • National public policy chair at Black Youth Project 100, Janae Bonsu • menstrual activist & drummer Kiran Gandhi • artists duo LAZYMOM • single mother and future lawyer Marcella Jayne • musician, writer and MTV News anchor Meredith Graves // Cover Illustration by Molly Bounds // Edited by Meg Wachter & Amanda Stosz
Printed by The Prolific Group // With contributors: Ariel Roman, Beth Hoeckel, Brit Julious, Emily Simpson, Karolin Schnoor, Kat Thek, Katie Edmonds, Kelly Thorn, Lauren Denitzio, Malaika Dower, Michelle Chen, Natalie Snoyman, Ness Lee, Sam Paul, Taylor Emrey, & Whitney Blank // Limited run of 1000. 6.5” x 9”, 88 pages, 100% recycled matte paper, full color, perfect bound.

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4/20 Women & Weed Featured Interview: Vashon Velvet

Photos by Amber Fouts (originally photographed for Seattle Met)
Interview by Meg Wachter & Jen Levy (of Greyhorse BK)

 A few years ago I guess you’d describe me as a typical soccer mom. Then my husband passed away suddenly and my daughter went off to college. I had to rethink my life. There were a few false starts––I found I don’t want to live in Florida for example.  

While exploring how to reset my future I started reading about cannabis as medicine. I have a science background so it intrigued me. I found some seeds and started a little indoor grow, but I was still thinking of it as just a hobby. Then Washington announced their rules for getting a license to grow cannabis and click––that little little light bulb you see in cartoons went on over my head. There was a 30 day window to apply for a license, and if you missed it there would probably never be another chance. The application didn’t cost much, so I decided to send in the paperwork and see what developed. From there doors opened, the way they do when you are on the right path. Luckily, I had my sister Kay, Seattle’s top designer, to call on to create our packaging and artwork, and my talented daughter to create a brand and get us on the shelves.

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