Support Small Booksellers: Quimby's Bookstore // Brooklyn, New York

What's the name of your shop? Where are you located? Tell us about y'all!

Quimby's Bookstore NYC at 536 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn 11211 opened in December 2016. Like the original Quimby's in Chicago (since 1991!) we specialize in zines, small press and alternative publications. Unlike the Quimby's in Chicago, we do not sell comics or graphic arts because we are situated right next door to New York's best comic bookstore, Desert Island comics.

What made you decide to open? How long have you been around?

I, Steven Svymbersky, am the founder of Quimby's in Chicago, but sold that store to Eric Kirsammer, the owner of Chicago Comics in 1997.  From 1997 - 2016 I worked as the tech director for the improv comedy theater, Boom Chicago in Amsterdam. I decided I wanted to live in New York and open a second Quimby's.  I was very lucky to hear from Gabe Fowler of Desert Island that the storefront next to him was available. And so here we are.

What's your favorite thing about being a small biz owner?

The best thing about owning a bookstore is meeting so many talented writers, publishers and artists. I love being surrounded by books, too.

What's your favorite thing to buy for your store? How has the shop allowed you to discover new artists/product/?

My favorite things to promote in the store are zines and small press books that you cannot find in most bookstores. Zines are having a big resurgence in numbers and in interest from readers. Thanks to the original Quimby's getting the word out about the new location, zine-makers and small publishers have been contacting me and there is a lot of publishing going on right here in Brooklyn, so there is no shortage of interesting, quality zines and books for me to carry.

Why did you want to open your store? What was your mission/intention?

I loved running the original Quimby's and have really missed it in the many years I was in the Netherlands.  I think now is a perfect time to open a small independent bookstore in New York.

536 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211 //