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When it comes to street harassment, flipping birds and raging at perpetrators gets exhausting, even for the most committed vigilante.

As a group of creatives and writers living and working in Brooklyn, we assembled to discuss the emotional and psychological toll involved with combatting harassers - and what to do about it. While we found that each of us employed different coping mechanisms ranging from screaming, to turning our camera lenses on intimidators, to attempts at fully ignoring the kissing noises and jeers, we all agreed on one thing: none of our reactions provided the satisfaction of communicating how catcalling makes us feel. After batting around a couple of ideas, Catcalling Citation Cards was born. Inspired in part by old school parking citations and in full by the opportunity to quickly convey information to our harassers, we packaged a straightforward, easy-to-digest design that gives users the ability to fill the cards out in advance, when they're in a comfortable, safe space and can more easily process the wide-ranging emotions associated with being catcalled. Best of all, you can hand one off without having to interrupt your day.



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Dealing with street harassment on the daily can be a massive bummer. But with Catcalling Citation Cards, you've got the freedom to express yourself without the hassle of giving a member of the patriarchy any more of your precious time.

Here's how it works:

  1. Fill out a couple cards at home before you head out, checking off/writing in the ways that harassment makes you feel. Sketch on the face for extra effect.
  2. Keep your cards in an easily-accessible spot like your pocket or bag. 
  3. If harassed, hand 'em a card for their crappy behavior. 
  4. Go on about your day, because you're a badass.
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You can also print your own at home! Follow the link below to download the PDF. Make sure you print double sided!

Thank you to Mama's Sauce for producing this first batch of cards!

Design by @jellythorn of

Writing by @srrrslyemily

The Catcalling Citation Cards PDF is provided for free, not to be reproduced for sale.



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We'd like to develop this space as a community support and educational tool and would like hear your stories, thoughts, theories, mantras and advice regarding street harassment. How does it make you feel? What do you do when you're confronted with harassment? What do you say, or wish you could say to your harassers? Do you have any specific stories or instances you'd like to share? How can this page best serve you and the community at large?