Photo by  @eythink

Photo by @eythink

By Sonia A. Ortiz

Every month I pick a tarot deck out of my collection and pick 12 cards from that correlate to each sign of the zodiac. This is #crushascope for December 2017.       

Heads up! Mercury Retrograde is upon us! The planet of communication will appear to go backwards making simple things like sending emails, buying a new device, or looking for a new job will not work in your favor necessarily. However, this is not a reason for you to freak out and lock yourself in your room. Mercury Retrograde is a great time to get closure, to finish a project, and even clean your room.    


You may experience trouble between differentiating dream from reality. You may make some accidents when you think you vocalized something when you didn’t and vice versa. It may stress out your happy-go-lucky nature so just take your time when you do things. Confirm your appointments. Ask questions. I cannot emphasize moving at a slower rate than the usual. You do not want to get swept away by your thoughts and take things out of context.  


Do not be shy about accepting help of you need it. A parent or perhaps older friend may reach out with great advice or actual labor to help you do what you need to do.Your health is also a major focus for December. An old injury or perhaps that cold you thought you got rid of last week may come back to rear it’s ugly head. Make sure to get back on a good vitamin regimen and to stretch daily. The last thing you want is to be sick during holiday dinners where you can be enjoying your time with loved ones.   


You may have to backtrack in order to get ahead this month. You may be extra forgetful with Mercury retrograde rearing it’s ugly head which may lead to a breakdown in order to breakthrough scenario. The bright side here is that you will be able to work through and close the book on issues that have been holding you back. With the World card on your side be confident that things will work out in your favor. Just get that courage to face the actual problem once things don’t go your way.


End of the year may expect you to wait for some recognition that may not come the way you expected it to. Keep your cool. If people aren’t giving you credit where credit is due it’s because of a miscommunication. Get the scoop first about what is going on. You are extra sensitive about all the hard work you are putting in and just want to make sure that it is recognized. Do not worry, the praise may come after in a form of a bonus or social media mention. In the meantime, avoid hurting a person’s feeling by putting your foot in your mouth (unless they deserve it, then go right ahead really).  


It may be hard to have some alone time during the holiday season but you may need your space from overwhelming expectation of family and perhaps your job. Try not to lose your temper with others this month. You could find yourself making other people’s problems about you. Take walks or meditate if possible to help you keep your cool. You need to focus on making sure you feel restored and grounded once you start to interact with loved ones.


You are crossing a bridge and very likely going to receive a message from an old friend. This is a great time to focus on closure from people who have hurt you in the past. If people ask for forgiveness, you can benefit from granting them that and then setting the boundary to never see them again. You will learn a lot about yourself in this process too. This will be a bridge into helping you with new relationships. Your social calendar will also be full so make sure you stay on top of your schedule. It is very easy for you to accidentally double book yourself so watch out!


Balance your checkbook this month Gemini. You’re feeling very generous this holiday season but make sure you have enough cash to take care of your needs first. Have a friend help you with looking over your budget. Don’t dip into your savings unless it’s an emergency. Reserve gift giving to direct family and arrange a secret santa with friends. This simple act of staying on top of your budget will pay off in 2018. You will also make up your mind about your career path at the end of the month. Your current job may very well be a bridge into another job.  


This is a wonderful time to celebrate your accomplishments with others. It is also a great time to pause and celebrate your present moment too. Do not think of your next goal until the last 2 weeks of the year. Your ideas might change and you want to have a fresh start. In the meantime, share the knowledge of your success with others. Putting that energy into service will help you feel whole. Think of it as a way to lead by example. Once the new year comes through you will get a better vision of what your next big plan is and will work on that.   


Break bad habits this month Leo. You may have to face facts with yourself about things you may be less than pleased about. You may have to redefine your moral code. Are you being honest with yourself? How is this affecting others around you? The first 3 weeks of the month will be all about soul searching. How can you optimize your experience to be the best person possible? It might be time to leave some bad stuff or people behind in order to move forward. It won’t be easy but it will leave you with peace of mind.


Read over everything very carefully. You may get tricked or have a misunderstanding with an email or conversation in passing. Things may get confusing for you but just take things slow and read over everything very carefully. Acting slower will help you develop a stronger sense of empathy and patience towards others. Try not to act but simply observe how others act around you. You can take the personality traits of others into account and have it lead you into better understanding of tricky situations. People may also underestimate you during this time but don’t let it get you down. You will have better perspective on things the last 2 weeks of the month and don’t be surprised if people need your help with finding solutions or assessing a situation.     


You have the upperhand this month with your relationships at home and at work. Take control of the situation by simply being you and following through with hard work. Take a leap of faith and trust that you are taking the right steps to living your best life. Do not be shy by taking some time to be alone and meditate too. Having much needed alone time will help you gather your thoughts and feelings into a better place. That being said, do not become a hermit. You can also benefit from going to holiday parties and visiting with loved ones. Being around people who love and encourage you can be exactly what you need.      


You will feel like yourself again. You will have that inner closure and healing you have been thinking about. Broken hearts mend and peace is restored. You have been putting up an act so that others do not see the pain you are in. However, December’s Mercury Retrograde promises a wonderful sense of closure that will get you back to being your genuine self. You are taking your identity back and have learned from your past. Take this sense of wholeness into the new year with you.

December’s  #crushascope was conjured up using The Golden Tarot of Klimt by the legendary Gustav Klimt, printed by Lo Scarabeo.

About Sonia Ana Ortiz:
Sonia Ortiz is American made with Cuban parts. She has been reading tarot for 23 years. She is a Tarot Reader, Bruja, and Graphic Designer. She is the mother of #guapacat and #badgirlfrifri. You can follow her across social media @soniaotarot.