Every month Sonia picks a tarot deck out of my collection and pick 12 cards from that correlate to each sign of the zodiac. This is #crushascope for February 2017.        


Happy Birthday Aquarius! You are having a powerful month. Getting what you want. It is the little thing really. You have been working your butt off to make sure that you thrive and this month you will be reaping the benefits of your hard work. Remember to be gracious and show compassion as close friends who may not want to put a damper on your super month. Money will flow just in time for a much needed celebratory vacation  .


Start the year off by making your own luck Pisces. Do not wait for the opportunity to strike. Seize the moment!  Be proactive even if the result do not yield what you desire. The point is that you need to just take charge and manifest the right things. Do not wait on anyone. This month is yours to do whatever it is you please. Take the risks and know that you will be in right.


You form a powerful alliance this month. Whether it is romantic or business oriented, you will forge a union that will make everyone way jealous. You have a lot of ideas and you will be in tune with your emotions to find the right person to be by your side. Just remember to hear your partner out. Do not be distracted by the sound of your beautiful beautiful voice.


Positive changes are coming your way. Your passions take center stage this month. You will be able to capitalize on your side projects. You may go into hermit mode but it will pay off for you. This is a great time for you bulls who have been looking to step away from your day jobs and yearning to really follow your dreams. This card also indicates that others who want to help you will reveal themselves. So get to work and don’t give up!  


You will be receiving accolades from your colleagues this month. After months and months of slow moving business or perhaps juggling too many projects that aren’t paying off, your time is here. Confidence and love for yourself are your greatest assets, Gemini. I suggest you have a pow-wow with your inner twin to make sure your inside is reflecting your outside. Remember you cannot win them all but if you work hard enough and true enough, people will notice how amazing you really are.  

This is a great month for you to do spell work Taurus. The moon is waxing through February 10. It is a great time to explore ritual work or create a vision board about what it is you want! Please print out a photo of the Seven of Wands and fill each cup with a goal.  Or if meditation is your thing. Add a printout of this card to your altar space or puja and meditate on that. I feel this homework will come in handy for you in March so stay tuned!


You are starting a new cycle in your life. Whether you know it or not something new will waken inside of you and will take you on an exciting journey. You will be surrounded by support and happiness too. The Full Moon on the 11th is in your sign this month. This means a great chance to celebrate your prosperity. This is a good month to also get an aura portrait. You have a lot coming your way and you really are just get started. I also suggest using this month to get more organized about goals.

Asking others for help will come in handy this month. Don’t be shy. You have some big ideas but you cannot do it all by yourself. It’s true when it is said that “it takes a village”. I would also use the advice this month to see beyond your regular network. Do your research and find the people who can help you creatively and pragmatically. If you are feeling less than worthy, please please please snap out of it. Vulnerability along with courage are your greatest attributes.


Be here now. Your present moment awareness is the most important thing on your side right now. You will have to employ plans B, C, and maybe D because something out of your control may interfere with your goals. Don’t be scared to pick up extra work. It is going to veer you into the right direction. Seeing things as a major challenge will only hinder you. Be resourceful, be kind, it will shape your year with good things.  


Save your money starting now. You are about to embark on a career change and will need the extra funds in the event you plan to call into work sick indefinitely (are you following me here????). You have a strong sense of optimism mixed with a major dash of reckless abandon. And why? You want to live life at it’s fullest. By no means am i saying that you are gonna jump ship and join a circus but look out for clues as to what you can do to make a positive change.


Be your own Valentine this month. This is a great time to really pat yourself on the back and maybe get buy something nice. You deserve it. You may find that social media or gossip are like daggers to your soul. You will want to look inward or shut off your smartphone. Your intuition is on blast and you may come to realizations about your social circles. Fear not, as you will find a way to diplomatically push through this. You are a master of calming down heated tempers with your happy-go-lucky charm.


You know what you know and you are a great resource this month to those who have questions. You are a real know-it-all this month. What a better way to show off the knowledge by acquiring an apprentice? It is time you passed on your trade or what you have gained in the past to someone new who really deserves it. Choose wisely as interns may take you for granted. Do not be discouraged with this. The people who are invested in what you have to offer will stay. The rest will be old news as you will also be feeling detached from unwanted baggage.

February's #crushascope was conjured up using The Goldenthread Tarot Deck

This month’s artwork was illustrated by artist Kristen Kendrick.
She also made custom postcards you can download for #10actions100days here!

About Sonia Ana Ortiz:
Sonia Ortiz is American made with Cuban parts. She has been reading tarot for
over 20 years. She is a licensed Reiki Practitioner, Bruja, and Graphic Designer. She is the mother of the #guapacat and #badgirlfrifri. You can follow her across all social media at @soniaotarot.