Stockist Spotlight: Atomic Books // Baltimore, Maryland

Every Saturday we feature all of our different rad stockists because we believe in supporting small business!

What's the name of your shop? Where are you located? Tell us about y'all!

Atomic Books in Baltimore, Maryland. We specialize in small, indie, and micro presses and publications with a focus on non-superhero comics (not that there's anything wrong with that) and weirdo lit. The store is owned by Rachel Whang and Benn Ray.

What made you decide to open? How long have you been around?

Atomic Books opened in 1992, but was going out of business in 2000. We decided to reopen it with the founder's blessing, who is a friend, so Atomic Books could live on in Baltimore.

This year is our 25th anniversary!

What's your favorite thing about being a small biz owner?

Being able to promote the arts and ideas that we like that we think other people will like.

What's your favorite thing to buy for your store? How has the shop allowed you to discover new artists/product/?

They're all our favorite things! And it's more the other way around - we're always obsessed with finding new and interesting artists and ideas, and the shop lets us just tell more people about them.

Why did you want to open your store? What was your mission/intention?

See question 2.

Atomic Books 3620 Falls Rd Baltimore, MD 21211 //