Stockist Spotlight: Tiny Hero

What's the name of your shop? Where are you located? Tell us about y'all!

We are Tiny Hero and we are inside two sister coffee shops, Little Skips and Baby Skips in Bushwick, Brooklyn. we are small but we are coming in hot!

What made you decide to open? How long have you been around?

As a publisher primarily, I've always been interested in the idea of physical space, who gets to occupy it, what it is used for, what message it is associated with. I have experienced Skips as a supportive environment and I recognized an opportunity to extend the mission of print –– to occupy and influence physical space –– into a creative community, while also reflecting said community. We've only been open a couple of months, but we're already engaging with a demographic of people I hadn't been seeing before. 

What's your favorite thing about being a small biz owner?

My favorite thing about being a small biz owner is not having any idea until I do it and learn it. It's made me be more adventurous in my decisions, recognizing that there may not be a template for the decisions I end up making over time, and that's okay –– we're all navigating things the way we each know how. 

What's your favorite thing to buy for your store? How has the shop allowed you to discover new artists/product?

So far we've been working through our first round of inventory, but having each of our publishers trust me with their babies has been an honor in itself. We're planning to open for local zine and publication submissions, and we've got a reading series in the works, so it's providing some great ways to expand the capacity of and access to the space. 

Why did you want to open your store? What was your mission/intention?

I'm deeply invested in the notion that community is possible for all of us, even and especially in our immediate vicinity, in our routines, in our reach. great things start small! and more people should and can be connecting over creative expressions. 

Tiny Hero // Little Skips • 941 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221 // Baby Skips • 1158 Myrtle Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11221