Every month our resident bruja, Sonia Ortiz, picks a tarot deck out of her collection and pulls 12 cards from that correlate to each sign of the zodiac. This is #crushascope for July 2017.


Like attract like! Look to do business with people who share the values as you. This is a great opportunity to find find like minded people to help achieve your goals. If you feel that is not the case, it is because you are the inspiring person who must lead by example. You will exude happiness and positivity so do not be afraid if you see your social life boosting this month. You are the life of the party so plan to attend many of them.


Learn to turn bad situations into great ones. So things may not go according to plan but the good thing is you will have a major shift in perspective and a boost to your patience. You also will change the negativity in yourself. Once again, notice the shift in perspective here. You have so much to accomplish Leo, do not get stuck in a rut. Also you will learn to have the patience of a saint. Having a boost in the compassion department will help too. So if you are going through something difficult know that something incredible and beautiful will come from it.


Help from friends is on the way. You hate asking for help. You do not like to look helpless or as if you are in disarray. It is OKAY to be vulnerable. Group spell work or guided meditations will help give your pleas a boost too. You have to really put yourself out there and seek out loved ones. It doesn’t hurt to meet new people too. Know that you may feel alone in the world, but you are not alone. You have a world of friends and family who love you. Do not feel embarrassed if you are too overwhelmed.


You are all getting pregnant! Kidding. Normally this card is associated with pregnancy, however, this is figurative. This is a great time to get serious about dating. This is also a great time to start projects and bring more money into your life. The Empress in the month of July is a reminder to enjoy the finer things in life! You deserve nice things too, Libra. If you feel inspired, journaling or writing more is the just creative outlet suited for you.


You are close to finishing a project. Plan a vacation or take time off as needed. You have been working a lot and have forgotten that you need and probably deserve a break. You are so close to your goal or the end of this project too so it doesn’t hurt to see how you will spend your time off. Whatever you are working on will finish this month. Do not start another project right away. This card for you this month cannot stress how important rest in between hard work is. Take care of yourself.


Be mindful of what you say to and to whom. I do not want to build a sense of paranoia but definitely know that some people around you this month may not have the best intentions. If people try to drag you into their drama stay out of it. It’s not worth it even if you are trying to help. Stay near loved ones or close family. This will subside once the sun enters Leo. You will be able to enjoy the company around you after.


You will be recognized this month for how skilled you are with your talents. You work hard and quietly. You have a very unique way in your approach to work and relationships not many do. It is time for the master to become the teacher. Perhaps it is time to pass the knowledge the along to a worthy student or apprentice. Know that you are a badass Capricorn and that it is known you are badass too. This month will also bring you extra work to go hand in hand with your talents.


This is a positive month for you. You will be hitting several goals this month from all areas of your life. Expect pleasant surprises from loved ones too. If you were having trouble, know that it will be clearing up quite soon. You are experiencing a whole sense of being with whatever source energy you believe in. Perhaps a renewed sense of belief in yourself is also to play a big role here. Either way, your worth will be known and your hard work will pay off.


You may have to make an uncomfortable truce with someone in order to stay your course or get ahead. Do not wear your heart on your sleeve. Your actions have always spoken larger than your words Pisces. Your best fight is the one where you do not face off with your adversary at all. Yours should and can be a game of indifference. In the event, you are feeling too vulnerable to face this, step away. Just make sure to prepare yourself when you see or have to deal with discomfort. Tourmaline, hematite, or obsidian are great to have handy.


Your physical health is on the forefront this month. Make sure you are hydrated and well rested. Do not over do it at work. You may feel the pressure is on to over perform at work but remember you already do a lot. Do not let others sway you into their drama or anything that can put you at risk. Take care of yourself Aries. Do not be afraid to turn your phone off or hide from social media either if things get heavy. You have to help yourself before you can help anyone else.


You have been working hard all year and it is time to really set your intention with your finances. Whether or not you have money saved up, it is now a good time open a saving account. Opening an account sets an intention of prosperity. If you have extra cash on hand, look into investing. Be pragmatic. Don’t blow your money away with purchasing expensive things you do not need.


You may experience ups and down with emotional Cancer at the start of the month. Things look up once Leo arrives to bring some much needed cheer. You will shift from a lack of confidence and frustration to that of power and positive change. Weather the storm, as with anything the bad times are only temporary. Engage in physical activity and meditation to help ease your mind.

July’s #crushascope was conjured up using he Goddess Taro.

About Sonia Ana Ortiz:

Sonia Ortiz is American made with Cuban parts. She has been reading tarot for 23 years. She is a licensed Reiki Practitioner, Bruja, and Graphic Designer. She is the mother of #guapacat and #badgirlfrifri. You can follow her across social media @oniaotaro. You can also book a session with her by visiting