NYC Free Event: Women In Indie Magazines

NYC: Join us at General Assembly on Thursday, December 6th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm EST for a lively discussion with local experts in the Indie Magazine community.

With the digital space oversaturated with the same voices being represented and the decrease of print publications, a small yet mighty renaissance is taking place. Independent Magazines are filling that void and are managing a balance of an upscale aesthetic for the specific needs for a trivialized group.

These thought leaders will discuss their journeys to the print and digital space, the realities of starting a magazine for marginalized groups and how women can continue to thrive in the print and digital spaces.


-  Meg Wachter, Got A Girl Crush (Skype)
-  Attia Taylor, Womanly Magazine
- Trisha Sakhuja, Brown Girl Magazine
-  Saskia Ketz, A Women's Thing Magazine
-  Mindy Abovitz-Monk, Tom Tom Magazine

Happy Hour will be provided by General Assembly.

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