By Sonia Ana Ortiz

Every month I select a tarot deck out of my collection and pick 12 cards from that correlate to each sign of the zodiac. This is #crushascope for August 2018 and was conjured up using The Golden Thread Tarot by Labyrinthos.

As you read this we are dealing Mercury Retrograde through August 19th. This is a time where the little planet slows down so much it appears to be moving backwards. During this time we see a breakdown in communication. Things may seem harder to get done. The bright side is that this is an opportunity to go back and finish a project or perhaps to get closure on something you need to resolve.

We are also anticipating the last of the three of eclipses that may make us more inclined to manipulate or be manipulated by situations surrounding us. This is partial solar eclipse in Leo. I cannot emphasize how important self care is during this month. Make sure you really take time for you and set some healthy boundaries.


Use your head over your heart. You are hyper sensitive and may take things the wrong way and start fighting everyone if you are not careful. Try to be more logical. Take control of your feelings by not lashing out right away. This month will be a test to think before you speak. You could put yourself in a very compromising situation with a loved one or co-worker if you lash out. Channel your inner feline and approach your emotions with grace.  



Thanks to your ruling planet being retrograde, you may struggle to keep things in order. Time management could be a major issue this month so make sure you try not to pack on too much in your day to day. A meditation in the am could also be of good help. You could also find yourself extra anxious by overthinking your to-do list in your head. Find the balance you need by tackling your anxieties and not taking too much on at once.  



You may hit a wall with your goals this month. You may think a lot of work you’re doing may be in vain. Know that you are on the right track. Your hard will pay off once Retrograde Armageddon is over. The main thing here is to be kind to yourself. Talking yourself down will only keep you from working your way toward what you want. Compassion is your best friend this month so by all means, be empathetic toward yourself and others while trying to get work done.



You may get something you’ve been working toward this month but it may come at annoying price of a metaphorical buyer’s remorse. You may question of what you wished for is what you wanted all along. Take time to examine everything inward. You may have to deal with an unexpected shock or life change that will make you run away and hide. My advice, this is what you asked for just be strong. You’ll have more clarity post Mercury retrograde. Don’t make rash decisions based on discomfort.



You seek out a new friend or partner but also seem concerned about vulnerability or putting yourself out there. Whether it is romantic or business related, you may feel the shock of the partial solar eclipse on the 11th. You make plans to go forward and change a relationship or job situation that doesn’t quite suit you anymore. Growing pains happen for a reason. Embrace them.



Things look up for you this month. You’ve had a few setbacks but it looks like Fortuna may throw a bone in your favor. You’ve been struggling to get a project off the ground and have many last minute setbacks. Time management and reviewing your emails and messages will be on your side to help you get your point across. Just try to be cool and not lose it in a public setting. Things will turn around in s successful way for you.



You struggle with the relationship between yourself and also between a close person who’s shying away from you. This eclipse is affecting your opposite sign Leo. It may reveal news you weren’t ready to hear but knew would be an ultimate outcome. So why is this happening? Why can’t you catch a break with others? Because you need to learn how to comfortable and secure on your own.



You are compelled to change your diet and lifestyle. You will feel less like yourself this month and a lot of it may have to do with what you put in your body. You may be fighting bouts of anxiety and depression a little harder than normal because of all the retrograde energy. Self care in terms of therapy, meditation, working out, and eating right will help you combat those ugly feelings. Your body is your temple. Don’t trash it.



It is time to set an example of who you want to be. What is your legacy you are planning to leave behind? You may be living for the now and in the present moment but what are you planning to do in order to make your mark on the world? It might be time to think about that. Perhaps it’s time to expand your social media accounts or start a social media account based on your expertise. This could also be a good time to start researching courses on areas of study where you feel naturally inclined.



If you see you something say something. This month has blessed you and only you with such an eloquent sense of tact that you should air your grievances with a formal invite and a fine spot of tea. You will find yourself getting closure with people and situations and having the last word too.   



It’s you vs The Seven Deadly Sins. August is going to force you to deep dive and tackle your bad habits and toxic relationships. You may realize your spending is out of hand or perhaps you are surrounding yourself with trash people. It might be a good time to tackle one bad habit and ween yourself off. Are you flexing for the gram a little too hard? Are you hydrated? Do you find yourself invested in everyone else rather than yourself? Some things to think about and help you breakthrough once  Retrograde Armageddon is over.



Listen to yourself. This retrograde is going to force you to doubt yourself. Second guessing will only hinder you. Listen to your gut. Chances are if you do not trust in you, you will place trust in the opinion of someone who is using or mistreating you. The partial solar eclipse on August 11 may shed light on the situation bringing clarity. Instead of feeling hurt or betrayed nip the situation in the bud. If it doesn’t feel right, it is not right.