Every month I pick a tarot deck out of my collection and pick 12 cards from that correlate to each sign of the zodiac. This is #Crushascope for August 2015 (photo by Amanda Stosz)

I like to mix things up, so this month, I am using Norma Stocco’s Cards of Well-being also known as Cards of the Tibetan Waters. These cards are divided up into 44 cards represented by minerals and or crystals. This set is known as the Water Cards, The remaining 33 are known as The Cards of the Stars and feature stars, planets, and constellations. Each card whether it is a mineral or celestial body have a meaning attached to it. That meaning is to be used as a 30 day meditation to help you through out the month. I hope you enjoy their message as much as I enjoy working with them. –Sonia

Happy Birthday Leo! I hope you haven’t been overloading yourself with too much emotion or rushing into anything. Take a breather to really take your time this month in doing anything. Being rushed into any decision or being too hasty to argue with someone without thinking things through can put a real damper on your August. You may be easily irritated with certain situations and people but please do not blow up right away. Get yourself out of the situation and get alone time to think things over. Remember to breathe deeply, think things through, and chew your food well. Slow and steady wins the race Leo!

Compromising may come up a lot for you this month. It is something that will work in your favor too. I know it can be hard to switch things up especially when you have a very set and correct way of doing things. However, you may find that you will be having to work strongly with others and will have to meet them in the middle. Irritating i know, however, agree to the terms and see how things will work out for you and go your way.    

August is a good month to embark on a new venture whether it be a move in career or in the home. Ask for inner clarity and see where you can make an improvement before you move on to your next great venture. You do not want to travel with unwanted emotional baggage or nasty habits. Think of the chorus of Gorilla Biscuits “Let’s Start Today.” It is your theme song. Even if you don’t make a fresh start right now, there is no time like the present to figure it out and start anew. Be present and make small goals.

Beating yourself up over something terrible that happened is not going to serve you in any way this month. Re-examine how you are dealing with your emotional issues. They will have a habit of manifesting themselves physically this month if you do not try to sort it out yourself and in the right way. Escaping your problems with food, sex, or booze will backfire on you harshly this month if you do not face the music.  

August is full of breakthrough for you my dear Sag. Things that seem stagnant have a great opportunity to let up and be resolved quite quickly. You have to keep an eye out for opportunity and jump at the chance.  Things are gonna move fast for you so don’t miss out.  It is a good time for you to also practice a moving meditation such as walking, tai chi, or yoga. It will work with this month’s consult to get you moving in the right direction.

This month invites a change with the way you view yourself and solve problems. You will find yourself making changes based on your intuition. Don’t brush off what you are feeling instinctively you are gonna hit the right marks. I almost want to take you to a casino with me this month Capricorn but I don’t really like to gamble. Consider your psychic senses to be heightened this month and tap into that energy for much needed support at work and with your relationships.   

Your focus is on restoring your emotional well-being. Think of the balance in your world being restored starting this month. Start with a self-evaluation and how things are either improving or not. If things seem to be going downhill do not beat yourself up. There is room for improvement and the answers will be made clear to you via your own stream of consciousness. The more you take the time to meditate and study yourself, the more it will align your physical body with your spiritual body and bring you a deep sense of peace and joy. This is a great month to really focus on meditation and thinking about what need in order to make your goals take shape.   

Pisces this is a great month for you to explore your artistic side. Imagine that this month will be good for developing ideas as well. There is a spark of creativity that you must take advantage of. It is something that perhaps you have been toying with but is possible that it will bear great fruit for you in the future. Your intuition is also on a major high so take it easy as you will be extra empathic this month. Make sure you are not taking in too many of other people’s emotions around you. Bento boxing that which is yours as opposed to other is major.

Communicating with loved ones to resolve issues or to mediate issues is your path this month. Your focus this month is one of achieving inner peace. You are also shown to have excellent mediation skills this month. See how well you can do with problem solving and offering help to someone who is need. You have a way with words and this is your month to show it off Aries.

You are overcoming major obstacles this month Taurus. A strong sense of joy is going to take over and give a wonderful rest of your summer. You’re protected this month. Social awkwardness will also disappear and you will find yourself being the center of attention this month Taurus. Enjoy the ride and the company of others. You may get a lifelong friend out of it too.  

Behold! Your spirit animal for August 2015! Be that cat and say no to all the bad vibes. This month is going to be a test for you Gemini. Do not cop yourself out and think the worst is yet to come. You really have to find a place for all the nasty thoughts and set them free. I personally like to hold onto a piece of obsidian or tourmaline and envision placing bad thoughts there. Negativity can backfire on you this month so please be cautious. Whatever you say or think can double in size so try to be fair and good to yourself. One thing you can do is to counteract a bad thing by thinking of something good or reminding yourself to be this cat.    

This is a good time to work on your willpower Cancer. Set goals at your own pace but stick your plan when you can. Sticking to your guns this month will basically be a road map for the rest of the year. Also take the attributes of the clear quartz into your consideration. When light hits it, quartz shows off many of its different colors and attributes. Perhaps it is time to shed some light into your life as well and start test out your different attributes as well Cancer. Just remember to take care of yourself and stick to a plan whatever it may be.     

About Sonia Ana Ortiz:
Sonia Ortiz is American made with Cuban parts. She has been reading tarot for over 20 years. She is a licensed Reiki Practitioner, Bruja, and Guacamole Champion. Her favorite Judas Priest album is Defenders of the Faith. August’s horoscope used the Cards of Well-being by Norma Stocco. You can follow her across all social media at @soniaaortiz.