Every month our resident crush and bruja, Sonia, will pick a tarot deck out of her collection and pick 12 cards from that correlate to each sign of the zodiac. This is #Crushascope for July 2015.


Happy Birthday Cancer. I know you probably had one intense month back in June as you were making plans and such but the Queen of Swords is here to tell you have trim the fat. Re-examine your current circle. Are you involved with energy suckers or are you involved with people who have your best interest in mind? I know relationships mean very much to you Cancer but remember Quality > Quantity! <3<3<3


It is time to hold on to your wallet but to let go of any negative feelings have about money. Yes I know Summer is slow but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. On the contrary Leo, focus on telling yourself “I do have enough”. Things will pick up for your spirits around August. More prosperity will arrive once you let the nasty feelings go.


May all your wishes come true! Actually they might this month. The card I pulled out for you Virgos is quite auspicious and positive. Domestic Bliss is yours! This is also a great time to set an intention. If it is after the full moon, I would suggest placing an intention to get rid of a bad habit. But honestly what a great month to enjoy the benefits of loved ones, money well earned, and just all around good vibes. i am stoked for you Virgo and slightly jealous too.   


Libra, you really do not know when to quit. You are the workhorse of the Zodiac my friend. This is a good month to think about your legacy. What are you going to teach others to do? What mark are you planning on leaving on the world? July is a month for you to wear your teacher hat. Just do not be hard on yourself if things do not go as quickly or as planned. Slow and steady is the key to success for you!


Learn from your mistakes this month and just like I advised Libra I am gonna tell you now too. Do not be hard on yourself. Things may not go the way you want them to when it comes to work and finances this month. Avoid borrowing money and put your credit cards away. This is only temporary. See July as a way to get you thinking about what you want what you really really want Scorpio. Make a plan from there and build.


This is a really great month to be proactive and make changes. Whether it be from redecorating to getting a new job, the time is now Sagittarius!!! You always put your best foot forward and try to keep things light. It is your job. It is what you do. However, do not hold back from anything you know that needs a change. I really think the rest of your year can benefit from you recognizing the Pink Elephant in the Room and kindly asking it to be on its way.  


I was kinda bummed when I picked another reversal for this month however yours has a major bright side Capricorn. You are about to receive a gift from the past in the form of closure or news that will be beneficial to you. This month will feel as though a giant weight has been lifted. You strive for present moment awareness Capricorn. I do feel though that when you receive this news, you will deal with it accordingly, breathe better than you did before, and continue to be great.  


Looks like you got the double card special this time Aquarius! Lucky for you that Virgo (scroll up) got the 10 of Cups. But how does this apply for you Aquarius? Great things are happening around you, even you do not think so. You are always steadfast and stand behind the truth even when it is not popular opinion. This is why I love you Aquarius. You have a wonderful nature and really stick to your guns. However, this month, you are gonna have to get diplomatic and use “friendly language”  when getting your point across or giving advice. You do mean well it is just all the other signs can be so sensitive, especially those of the water variety!! So choose your words wisely without cutting out your integrity.


Okay Pisces, Remember last month when I played you that Stevie Nicks song and recommended that build boundaries and basically take not sh*t from nobody? You did not listen to me. Or perhaps you only channeled that into one aspect of your life  because you might be comfortable with things that might be hurting you. STAHP THAT PLZ K THX. Pisces, you are a sponge. You soak up everything around you. So please find a way to channel out those negative vibes before they harm you or before you lash out anyone. Take one day a week to really just do you.


I swear I am not doing this on purpose guys! I know you are thinking, Pisces got the same card wtf. But for real I shuffled the hell out of my cards! Anyway, time for you to look your best and play host/ess because you are gonna be the channel of news between other parties whether it be good or bad. Something about the way you speak to people will have a little more extra power this month. Be wise about picking your battles and who you play diplomat with. I do not want this coming back to bite you in ass later.    


You have a lot on your mind all of a sudden? Things that you were putting off are starting to rear their ugly heads. Is panic settling in after all the fun you had in June? Kill it with fire. KIDDING! Please do not do that. Seriously tho, I am scared that anything troubling you this month may manifest itself in a physical way. I would recommend going to get acupuncture and making a plan on how to sort things out. Pay attention to your dreams this month too as they are windows into the subconscious that will help you get to the bottom of what ails you.


Believe in yourself. July is a month where many of you who fall under this sign are making changes or thinking about taking the plunge. Your attitude towards life is what is going to cement the building blocks of this new road. Don’t be a dick to yourself and don’t be a dick to others. Things are not as intense as you may play them out to be. I almost feel like I should have pulled out a 9 of wands next. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish is well on it’s way. Work will be abundant for you while it’s still hot out too. Your time for rest and vacation will be in the winter.

About Sonia Ana Ortiz:
Sonia Ortiz is American made with Cuban parts. She has been reading tarot for over 20 years. She is a licensed Reiki Practitioner, Bruja, and Guacamole Champion. Her favorite Judas Priest album is Defenders of the Faith. July’s horoscope used the Mother Peace Tarot. You can follow her across all social media at @soniaaortiz.

Photo by Ellen Stagg