Happy 1 year to our CRUSHASCOPE feature! Thanks to Sonia for her monthly compassion and guidance. Every month she selects a tarot deck out of her collection and picks 12 cards that correlate to each sign of the zodiac. This #crushascope is for May 2016.

Something to note: If you do not know already then know that Mercury in retrograde until May 21. This normally sends many people into a panic because lines get crossed and communication breakdowns tend to occur. This normally is not a good time to sign contracts or start new endeavors. However, it is a great time to go inward and finish projects. Use this time to your advantage to complete something you have placed on the back-burner.


This is a great time to look and think about where you are heading in your career right now. Do not make any sudden moves but it is a good time to fine tune a certain skill or polish that portfolio. You are looking for new opportunities but also are afraid of change. One of these cannot go in hand without the other. Take the time this month to really see what you can improve on before you make moves to your next project or job.


Reconnect with a lost friend or family member. This is a good time for a good cry. Perhaps it is a time to repair a broken bridge? Your focus this month will be on your relationships whether you like it or not. You seem to have lost your way when it comes to having deep connections with people. Do not be afraid to get out of autopilot. Remember you are not a robot Gemini. Reconnection, forgiveness, intimacy. These are the things that will open up new doors and help you progress in the next phase of your life.  


This is the month to reorganize your space and home Cancer. You need to create a sacred space in your home/office. Part of that requires that you do a deep clean and reorganize your home. You may be asking or questioning your faith in a higher power. Cleanliness is truly Godliness as it will open an opportunity to connect with that higher power you resonate with.          


Many of you have been dealing with stresses and hardships. The good news is things will only improve from this point on. Take yourself out to dinner. Treat yourself to something nice. Do not be hard on yourself. Placing blame on yourself for things that are out of your control and not your fault is not the answer. Dig deep and maybe go on a date with Gemini and have that good cry together. You may not feel it but you are making room for better things to come your way. Just be gentle with yourself. <3 <3 <3


You have an opportunity to learn new things this month. The lesson will not be something you seek however, the lesson learned will be invaluable to you. You may find a new way to deal with feelings or how to handle more difficult people you sometimes feel you cannot control. Watch closely how other interact with those difficult people. How can you put those methods to use. How can you perfect them to your advantage? Acquire a sort of voyeurism when it comes to conflict resolution. It is the best way to deal with some difficulties.


This is a month of uncrossing for you. Truth about yourself or a truth about how someone really feels may come out during this retrograde. You will feel lifted and rewarded. This is a month of clearing and karma cleansing. Embrace it!!! That being said, don’t do anything major until May 21st. I would meditate with a cup of water or piece of clear quartz by your side. This is a prescription from me to you to help you get closer to your feelings.         


Allow things to happen this month. Allow yourself to be upset or to express how you feel. You may be holding back how you feel on account that you just need to keep working or save face. You are doing a disservice to yourself Scorpio. You are emotionally hydrated. Let change happen and allow and accept things for what they are. You will be a more connected and
loving human for it.  


Out with the old and in with new. There is a strong learning curve for you this month. You have outgrown certain habits, people, maybe even hobbies. Have a good think and analyze your routine and relationships well. You have many positive changes coming this year and perhaps letting go of the things that are stifling you will put you on the right path. The book in this deck asks that you meditate on the symbol of the spiral as it represents life and its evolution.  


Ask questions and get real answers. Do not assume anything. If you feel that something is amiss, collect the information and talk things out with the parties involved. You will have to be logical, cool, and collected. Your sign’s mastery of these qualities is one for the books so I have no doubt you will be able to do this with absolute finesse. However, be warned so not lose your cool or make assumptions until you have asked all the questions and collected all the data needed to support your case.  


You may feel off because of the retrograde but this is a great opportunity to conquer that imbalance you are feeling. Seek out within yourself and with caution to see what you are hiding or what is being hidden. Admitting to an insecurity or telling someone how you feel about them is not bad or evil, it is liberating. Do not let that shame stifle your karma and growth Aquarius. Bring those skeletons out of the closet. You may see that that they are not so scary or impossible once you have them out in the light for a full analysis.  Please note that issues may arise during retrograde but they may disappear as soon as it is over since this is a time of complete communication breakdown.


Strike while the iron is hot Pisces. You have been holding back this month but it is time for you to make moves towards your goals. Use this retrograde to build your confidence and seek the courage to find what it is you are truly after. Do not be surprised if opportunities start coming to you like wildfire after May 21st. I would say move forward and onward with your new found strength. The second half of this year is gearing up for your next evolution.


A kirpan is a knife. The guide to this card nails it. You need to cut out toxic people and patterns from your life in a peaceful way. Aries, You cannot create new wonderful relationships when you are still hanging around negative karmic energy from your past. Make peace with your past and those in your present who are not being helpful and do not be afraid to move forward with new people. The lessons you have learned in your past will help you in creation of new relationships. Learn from your past to be the best person you want to be today.

May’s  horoscope was brought to you by the Sacred Symbols For Divination Meditation oracle deck by Marcella Kroll. You can follow her at @marcellakroll on instagram. She also has a cool podcast called Saved by the Spell.

This month’s beautiful artwork is by artist Jody Erickson. You can also follow her on the grams @jody_erickson.

About Sonia Ana Ortiz:
Sonia Ortiz is American made with Cuban parts. She has been reading tarot for over 20 years. She is a licensed Reiki Practitioner, Bruja, and Graphic Designer. She is the mother of the 2 best tuxedo cats on Earth. You can follow her across all social media at @soniaaortiz.