In this new monthly segment, our resident crush and bruja, Sonia, will be picking a tarot deck out of her collection and pick 12 cards that correlate to each sign of the zodiac. This #Crushascope is for June 2015.

Words by Sonia Ana Ortiz
Illustration by Amanda Stosz
Photos by Ellen Stagg


Oh Gemini, I know you are always running around and need everything now now now in order to make a change, get shit done, reinvent the wheel, etc……

But this month focus on chilling out! Change is a comin’ my twinsies but you gotta have some faith and relax unless you want things to get messy. You gotta hang tight because we are still in Mercury retrograde until June 11. Perhaps catch up on that spring cleaning you meant to do in March in order to help get things into perspective


Hey Cancer! I see you over there making plans. Movin’ n’ groovin’ in order to help yourself and others too. You gotta a big heart Cancer. Think about who you are giving your hard time and energy too before you make moves. You don’t want a one-way trip to Rensentmentville. I would take some time to think over big decisions such getting a new job or signing a lease while getting a massage, pedicure, or over brunch for 1. Treat yourself Cancer. It will help put things into perspective about who needs your help most.


Hello my dear Lion, Been thinking about your relationships this month? June is all about you optimizing your relationships with friends and lovers. Got something on your mind? Now is the time to spill your guts to your loved one. You may be pleasantly surprised with what your partner or friend may say. It is time to talk about that pink elephant in the room. It is taking up way too much space in your life.


Hi Virgo, I know it seems like things aren’t coming up Milhouse for you at the moment whether it be with work or relationships. However, like dear Gemini know that you too are being affected by Mercury Rx until June 11. My advice? Get into a meditation class or take up some sort of physical activity that is gonna help you put your mind at ease. Don’t like to work out eh? Volunteer at an animal shelter or soup kitchen to put things in perspective.The Moon is there to remind us that things aren’t always perfect but to count your blessings anyway. Hang in there baby, you are in the homestretch.


Burning the candle at both ends Libra? Be careful that you don’t over do it this month. Working hard and playing hard is something you have a PHD in but make sure you take a mental health day for yourself. Actually scratch that. Plan a vacation or staycation. Re-charge those batteries Libra. Don’t beat yourself for being unable to clone yourself and fix everything right now at this second. You are loved and appreciated for all the little things you do.


Oof, okay it is not as bad as you think it is Scorpio. Perspective, perspective, perspective! Have you been waiting for the ball to drop only to realize you are missing out on something amazing? Listen, I know it is rough out there for water sign in this digitized world but you gotta live life Scorpio! Put. The. Instagram. Feed. Down. Slowly. See what happens when you remove social media apps from your phone for a month and reconnect with long lost friends or some nature. Get in-touch with inner hippie and forget about who is doing what online. Do you baby. Do you.


OMG what a fun month for you Sagittarius. This is the month to put it out there and get social. It is also a time for so much sexy time! Put yourself out there. Already attached? Go on a fun weekend get-a-way with your lover. Single? Outdoor BBQs are waiting for you Sagittarius. Start chatting people up with that charm and I promise mega results. Schwing!


Thinking about shifting gears in career or love my dear goat??? Although now may not be the exact right time a seed has recently been planted that cannot nor will not be denied. You are headed for bigger and better things Capricorn. You are not going crazy with that hair-brained idea. It is in your mind for a reason. So my advice to you, I like to call you guys the General because you know how to make plans of action. Think about the tangibility of this dream and figure out how you can tailor it for your life. Do not limit yourself ever.


Snip snip! Time to cut out that which does not serve you! However that being said also cut out any negativity you are harboring for a certain person or situation that no longer physically exists for you. Forgiveness if for yourself Aquarius. Try to let go of the nasty thoughts and memories that are keeping you from planning for the future. Think of June as a juice cleanse for your soul. Take a few days to process those hurt feelings and turn them into something good. Alchemy, turn that shit into gold!


This June I ask you to have Stevie Nicks’ Stand Back on repeat. That is your theme song for you Pisces. Take No Shit from anyone this month and hold your ground. You are more sensitive than usual and it is okay to have some alone time. It won’t be for long as you do need the warmth and support of your loved ones. However, it may be time to reinforce boundaries with co-workers or acquaintances who are self-absorbed energy suckers. I amy also recommend buying palo santo or sage to cleanse any outside energies that may be trying to infiltrate your home bubble. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


Knock knock. Who’s there? It’s your Inner Voice you dummy! Don’t be afraid of mistakes you made in past. Now is the time to well live in the NOW! Who better than you Aries to effortlessly charge forward and take what is yours. Got a crush on someone? Want to make moves with your career? Want to make sure you get noticed? Stretch those muscles, take a deep breathe, and TAKE OFF!!!! It is a good time for you take risks Aries. You have entrepreneurial spirit that wants to come out and play. Even the smallest idea can become a big dream. I suggest you watch the 80s movie Teen Witch. Louise Miller is your spirit animal for month of June. You’re gonna be the most popular girl.   


Well lucky you Taurus. I had 2 cards come out at once. If there was ever a time for you to help those in need it is now. You are a walking good luck charm. Speaking of luck, yours is about to change for better (if you have been feeling down) and along with that is an empathic need to reach out to those who matter most to you. Surprise a loved one with a dinner or small token of affection and watch good times roll. It is also a good time to make your house a home. Decorate, Feng Shui, play your favorite music and run around your place naked Taurus. It is your time to enjoy life and reap all the goodness you have sewed. You earned it!

About Sonia Ana Ortiz:

Sonia Ortiz is American made with Cuban parts. She has been reading tarot for over 20 years. She is a licensed Reiki Practitioner, Bruja, and Guacamole Champion. Her favorite Judas Priest album is Defenders of the Faith. June’s horoscope used the Aquarian Tarot by David Palldini. You can follow her across all social media at @soniaaortiz.