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Got a Girl Crush aims to disrupt the broken narrative of most women's publications and tell stories of all ages, races, and backgrounds of women all over the world. Learn more at

Much like your favorite podcast and public radio station, we survive on the support of our readers who enjoy what we do.

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We believe that print is not dead and that there is value to having a tangible medium to read, digest, and share--rather than sharing a link online that is easily forgotten tomorrow. In addition to the blog and magazine, we aim to bring connectivity beyond the page and screen by hosting events and pop-ups to bring our audience together and build community!

By interviewing women of all backgrounds, we give voice to those often marginalized by or left out of mainstream media.  For 9 years, Got a Girl Crush has been a labor of love of its founders. As we consider the future of the magazine at this crucial point in the struggle for women’s equality and voice in media and the world, we aim to increase our presence so that more people may discover the accomplishments and perspective of the often unsung women we feature. Our audience is anyone with an interest in learning more about diverse, compelling women, and their role in social justice, science, arts, and various aspects of life. 

Why are we raising money through Drip? 

At its current stage, the magazine is now a bi-annual independent publication featuring beautiful intriguing work by artists and interviews with women. We are an army of two friends + two interns who devote all our free time to continuing to give a platform to women to share their stories and accomplishments. 

Why we need funding: 

We want to compensate those making the magazine what it is for all their hard work! We are now paying all of our contributors (both online and in print)--whereas before everyone donated 100% of their times and talents to the cause. 

We want to create high quality content with more frequency. We want to hire more artists, more writers, but to do that we need a bigger production budget.  

We need funding to scale the size of the magazine. This involves larger runs (our last issue was only 1,000 copies and now we've moved up to 2,000), moving to a bi-annual formatpaying distributorspaying our interns, and hiring someone that is skilled at marketing to a wider audience because we truly stand behind that although this is a woman-owned, run, designed, published, distributed magazine--it is for everyone.

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