Got a Girl Crush Magazine Outtakes: Jenny Slate

The first time I (hi, it’s Meg) saw Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, I was smitten. But once I learned who did the voice of the sassy one-eyed shell, affection was replaced with infatuation.

I knew Jenny lived in Brooklyn, but also that she was a rising star of her own right despite her short run on Saturday Night Live….so I tweeted her and hoped for the best. But, to my surprise and a lot of finagling, Jenny graciously allowed me to come over and hang out at her place. We drank copious amounts of coffee (and I ate some of the infamous muffins she makes), talked about boyfriends and about how underrated Jem and the Holograms was as a feminist tv show. The immediacy of how intelligent and brilliantly funny Jenny is disarming.

If you live in NYC, absolutely check out her weekly comedy show Big Terrific!! and those of you not on the east coast can be sated by her comedy videos Bestie x Bestie.

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