Got a Girl Crush On: Frankie Rose: “Know Me”

Totally jammin’ to Issue #1’s own Frankie Rose’s newest track!

Frankie Rose, formerly of Dum Dum GirlsVivian Girls, and Crystal Stilts, is about to drop a new album on Slumberland Records and GorillaVsBear has the first taste of the lead off single. Of course, knowing of her previous band work you might expect something of a garage pop sound, but you’d be surprised because what you get is something closer to a lo-fi New Order sound, with a steady old school drum beat and steely, almost synth-like guitar work. It’s a dark, pretty lo-fi synth pop cut that excites me greatly to hear more from the forthcoming album, Interstellar. 

(download) “Know Me” by Frankie Rose (via GorillaVsBear)

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